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Fab Couples

Devin and Ronda Lish | Married four years

Devin and Ronda Lish, owners of D & R Design

How did your love story begin? We both were in the commercial construction field and met on a job site. We dated for five years before getting married in Cancun/Playa del Carmen in 2018.

Favorite thing about one another: Devin: I love how Ronda never gives up on anything, whether it be in business or personal. Her ability to stay focused and follow through has been a driving force in our business. Ronda: I love how Devin has an abundance of patience; he is the most patient person I have ever known. This trait is extremely helpful in our business as we deal with so many different personalities and
emotions, and it can be challenging at times.

Favorite date night: We love fine dining and enjoy trying new places. We also are huge football fans, so a good game is a great date night for us.

Favorite tradition you have as a couple: We love to travel. Although we have not made it a tradition yet (busy building the business), we would love to pick a new place to travel every year on our anniversary.

What does your happily ever after look like? Continue to grow our business and, hopefully, constantly taking things to the next level, in hopes that our kids take over the business when we are ready to retire and travel the world!

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