Fab Eco Trendsetters Arizona

Fab Eco Trendsetters

Alex Panelli

Chairman of the Board of Directors at PHAT Scooters

With traditional, fuel-centric mobility tools becoming less and less sustainable (and economically efficient), micromobility options are arguably the way of the future. And PHAT Scooters—a k a the brand behind the revamped electric scooter model—is proving that comfort, accessibility and more environmentally friendly vehicle alternatives are not only possible, they’re a welcomed change to a gas-reliant world.

What does it mean to you to be an eco trendsetter? Like many electric vehicle builders, our scooters are the embodiment of an environmentally-conscious premise. However, PHAT has demonstrated that consumers don’t have to sacrifice style and fun to enjoy the benefits of eco-friendly transportation. We are the trendsetter because we appeal to the logic of our customers’ minds (compelling them to reduce their carbon footprint) and to the emotion of our customers’ hearts…let’s have fun while saving the planet!

Best advice for how to be more sustainable in our day-to-day lives? Whether commuting to and from work, cruising down to the supermarket, or running an errand, transportation is a critical component of our everyday lives. To us, being sustainable means making smarter choices in how we live, work and play. Since the launch of our first-generation unit back in the summer of 2017, the demand for our products has skyrocketed. We’ve grown nearly 500 percent since that first year of business, validating our thesis that sustainability and eco-consciousness are top-of-mind for a large segment of consumers.

Why is it so important to be more eco-minded in our work? We have one earth and everything that we do has an impact on it, either positively or negatively. Our interim CEO Tim Moran injected a sense of eco-consciousness into the fabric of our company culture. Our new CEO, David Conrad, is building off of the strong foundation that Tim constructed. Being eco-minded in our work isn’t solely altruistic. There are real, tangible financial benefits that can be realized. In short, we can do well (financially) while doing good (societally).

What impact do you most hope to leave on your community and the world? We firmly believe in leaving the world better than we found it. Our goal is to change peoples’ mindsets when it comes to transportation – if you’re zipping around your college campus, running down to the corner store for a carton of milk or hitting the links for a round of golf, you do have a choice in getting there in an eco-friendly way that’s also fun, affordable and reliable.

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