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Jerell Irving of Humble Events AZ

How did you get into event planning? We got into that event planning space because we were interested in connecting families and friends again through pop-up picnics.  We started the company during COVID, and we were very interested in getting people out into nature and getting them connected again in a safe space. We loved making memories for our clients and seeing how much joy it brings everyone. We have since involved into event planning styling and design for all different type of events. We have done everything from a beautiful picnic for one to a corporate employee appreciation for up to 1,600 people in less than 15 days of planning. We are enjoying each evolution this company brings.

What is your best advice for achieving a timeless, memory-making event? What makes a timeless and memory-making event is connecting with your designer and event planner. Being able to understand each other’s vision and execute it effortlessly and perfectly. Having good communication with your event planner or stylist. Being able to have an smooth conversation with the client to makes it so beautiful where it’s just something that you will never forget and your guest leave comfortable and happy.

What is your biggest reward in being an event planner? Our biggest reward in being an event planner is to be able to bring someone’s dream to life. We are able to take a simple theme and turn it into a beautiful event where kids leave happy, families get closer, people get reconnected. 

What is the biggest challenge? Our biggest challenge is not being able to take every event. We want to take on everyone’s event. 

Most memorable event project? This is a hard question. There are a few; there’s the Valentine’s Day dinner for 10, there’s the bachelorette party for 10 and were able to provide her with a beautiful experience. Then there’s the latest one we did for our corporate clients for their 400 employees and a thousand of their families. It’s hard to just choose one because each event brought different memories for each of our guests.

Favorite Arizona-based vendors: All of our local vendors provide us with something unique. We continue to make relationships with local vendors because we want to keep producing great quality coming from our local talent. I would say that two of our favorite vendors are EB’s Delites and Sweet Dream Confection LLC. They both provide beautiful, unique cakes and are very good artists at what they do. They can take any simple idea and turn it into a beautifully designed masterpiece. Plus, they’re very sweet women to work with. Having that connection with your baker allows nothing but masterpieces that will display in your event just as beautifully as the decor.

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