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Fab Moms: Arizona

Florinda Wilson

Florinda Wilson is the CEO and founder of Glendale-based Sparkle Momm Marketing.

Mom to: Michael Warren, newborn; Ariel Marie, 6; Mariah Jordan, 6; Valentino Andrew, 10 

Hometown: Navajo Nation. Church Rock, New Mexico

Favorite ways to spend family time in AZ: With Arizona’s high temperatures, we love finding ourselves poolside enjoying the best family staycation deals.

Your most rewarding motherhood moment: Giving birth days ago gives me huge gratitude and appreciation for my maternal journey. Never did I imagine I’d create a family of six! Being a mom is the hardest job I’ve ever had, yet so rewarding. Frustrating at times yet worthwhile.

Biggest challenge as a mom: Learning to be patient, finding and keeping my balance. With four little ones, it’s easy to lose yourself. I find peace in traveling, loving myself with spa days and self-care. 

A mother who inspires you and why: All the mommies within our Sparkle Momm Community! As a mom creator myself, it’s so admirable to see so many women working from home, hustling with kids along their side, opening up small businesses and making it all happen as a family. I see and support all the mommies following their passion, being able to make it happen! 

Best piece of advice for a new mom: Be kind to yourself. Live in the present. It’s OK to ask for help. It takes a community to raise children. You are not alone. Motherhood is a blessing, a journey. Don’t compare your journey with social media or others. Being grateful. Bond and create a new routine. Focus on you!

Your biggest hope for your children: Knowing they will always be strong and kind in everything they do. When my children are older and grow into their own personalities, I want them to know they can conquer any task this world has for them. Overcome the difficult challenges in life. Be adventurous because life is short. Strong-hearted Natives is what this momma prays for. I want them to show love and compassion. 

How are you celebrating Mother’s Day? Staying home and enjoying our new bundle of joy. 

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