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Fab Moms: Arizona

Tequilla Swan

Tequilla Swam is the co-owner of Klassy Kloset Boutique, which sells unique clothing that you can’t find elsewhere in Arizona.

Mom to: John Jr., 32; Janet, 30; Tara, 28

Hometown: Milwaukee

Favorite ways to spend family time in AZ: My favorite time is having the kids come over. We grill out and play games. We laugh, kid around and play to win each game.

Your most rewarding motherhood moment: My most rewarding motherhood times are when my kids trust me with their secrets as teenagers and now as adults. They can tell me anything, and I will not judge or ostracize them. I will offer my opinion when asked.

Biggest challenge as a mom: Keeping my kids safe, emotionally safe. Social media platforms have transformed our world in very good ways but sometimes in harmful ways as well. I’ve always wanted to protect their mental health when possible.  

A mother who inspires you and why: My mentor has taught me so much about being a good mom. She taught me to give my kids room to make mistakes and believe in how I raised them and, if they get off track, the lessons we’ve taught them will get them back on course. That has rang true through out this journey. 

Best piece of advice for a new mom: You can’t do it all every day. It is more important to make sure that you are loved and cared for so that you can give your family the love and support that they need. Set aside even 15 minutes a day to meditate, pray and reset.

Your biggest hope for your children: My biggest hope for my children is that they would fulfill their destiny, do in life what they were created to do, and enjoy life until they discover what that is.

What are you celebrating Mother’s Day? I’m celebrating Mother’s Day with my tribe. With this incredible bunch, we will laugh, look at old photos, eat good and enjoy life together. I love them!

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