Fab Moms: Arizona

Tiffany Di Giacinto

Tiffany Di Giacinto is the senior director of marketing and communications at Delta Dental of Arizona. “People don’t think about the impact their dental health or eye health has on their overall health, so that’s a topic my team focuses a lot of efforts on.”

Mom to: Ian, 14; Diego, 9; Enzo, 6; and Giovanna, 5

Hometown: I’ve lived in Arizona since I was 2, mostly in the Northwest Valley cities of Peoria and Glendale.

Favorite ways to spend family time in AZ: At home. We love movie nights and pool days! Around town, we’re frequent visitors of the Phoenix Zoo and Odysea Aquarium. Our favorite family staycation is Great Wolf Lodge. And I love taking the family to arts and cultural events around town!

Your most rewarding motherhood moment: I think it’s the look my kids get that’s a mixture of triumph, wonder and excitement when they achieve or succeed, especially when they—and I—know they worked hard to get there. But also, when I see my children treat each other and others with love and kindness.

Biggest challenge as a mom: Remembering that my health and well-being is important too. I run with my tank on empty far too often, especially over the last few years. So I’ve started taking small, meaningful steps that ensure I’m not forgetting my self-care; things like learning Pilates, enjoying an adults-only brunch or happy hour each month or limiting the evenings I spend logged into my work computer.

A mother who inspires you and why: Besides my own mother? I’ve always admired Ruth Bader Ginsburg for all she did to champion the rights of women, and particularly working mothers. Ginsburg herself experienced how tough it could be for working mothers. She lost her job as a typist when she became pregnant with her daughter. Later, after her career took off, she addressed a lot of issues that working women face that are rooted in the structural inequality of our society.

Best piece of advice for a new mom: Motherhood is messy. Embrace it.

Your biggest hope for your children: That they always stay connected to their family. Jobs, lovers, passions, even friends, will come and go, but your family will always be there for you. I hope their commitment to each other and to this family remains a core value for them.

How are you celebrating Mother’s Day? Good question! Whatever we do, I’m sure it will involve good food and family!

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