Fabulous Designer: Livia Margulies

Each week we will be highlighting one of the fabulous emerging designers from Phoenix Fashion Week 2017. This week, meet fashion designer Livia Margulies, the founder of Lio Rio Sportswear, based in Scottsdale, AZ.

Livia-Margulies-headshotHometown: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

First fashion job: At 17 years old I started to work for an activewear store in Brazil and just loved being around the new designs and collections every season. I loved fitness and dance growing up, and I wanted to work in a store where I could buy activewear for cheaper, little did I know this would eventually inspire me to create my own line one day.

When did you know you had a passion for fashion: My grandma loves fashion, she would take us to the mall and teach me and my cousin about brands and textiles. For birthday parties she would let us buy textiles and custom order our dresses the way we wanted.

My uncle in Brazil owned textile manufactories and so my cousin and I were always playing around in the factories and learning about the processes. I was in love with fashion and the making of these products from a very young age based on the experiences we were lucky enough to have.

Person who has impacted your life the most: This is a really hard one – I would say 2 people impacted me the most.
1. My grandma, I always wanted to be like my grandma growing up, she took care of all the grandkids. When no one believed in us, she would always be the first to believe and support us, and make sure we tried our best before we gave up.
2. My husband is definitely my entrepreneurial and Innovator inspiration. Watching him develop from A grad school student to an intern to a founder of a startup, to other companies and end up in his dream job in 10 years, It’s been unbelievable. Watching him work hard, share his passion and be so humble has been inspiring.

Your biggest fashion accomplishment in your eyes: My biggest fashion accomplishment is getting Liv Rio off the ground without having any money, and while continuing to be a mother of three and a supportive wife. Starting a company is hard work, doing it with a full plate of responsibilities is even harder. To accomplish what I have, while moving to a new state and keeping my household and family together is something I am incredibly proud of.

The biggest obstacle you have overcome: Starting a fashion business without extensive training and knowledge of the industry. I am learning something new each and every day and I absolutely love it.

A Designer who inspires you: My cousin, Mari Mattos inspires me to do better each and every day. She is incredible, the designs she has come up with are gorgeous and I hope to reach her level of success one day

Favorite quote: Always think about the WIIFY (What’s In It For You)… you being the customer. This is something that my husband drills into me every day. You need to always think about what problem you are solving for your customer, or why you are making there life better with your product.

Advice to someone pursuing a career in fashion as a designer: Be persistent, be bold, be creative, always think about different ways that you can make your business work.

Favorite piece you have ever designed:


For more information about Liv Rio Sportswear, visit

You can purchase Liv Rio Sportswear locally at: Heidi Boutique, Moda Forte, Recess Endurance, Kathy’s Boutique, Hypoxi (Biltmore and Scottsdale), The Biltmore Studio (Camelback and Scottsdale), Dream Team Academy, Hot Petunias Scottsdale, Carmen 5th, Viola Boutique, Centre Stage Dance Studio. Coming soon to: Tru-fusion and At fairmont Scottsdale princess.

If you would like to attend Phoenix Fashion Week 2017, you can purchase tickets here: Use promo code FABAZ for a $20 gift card good towards any seat (not applicable towards standing room tickets).


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