Fabulous Designer: Rocky Gathercole

Phoenix Fashion Week presents the Global Virtual Runway Experience – The Style Trend Show on Dec. 19. The virtual show will feature six couture and ready-to-wear designers with unique backdrops and styles, representing multiple continents. Today, meet participating designer Rocky Gathercole

Brand name and headquarters: Rocky Gathercole / For The Stars Fashion House

What is unique about your brand: I design for independent, strong and fashion-forward women.

What kind of social impact will your brand leave on the world: That my creations were able to tap them deep within their senses and beyond.

Your first fashion job: Back in 1990 in KSA, Princess couture.

Key person that impacted your fashion/business life the most and why: Mr. Jacob Meir, who gave me the opportunity to work with the best in Hollywood.

Your biggest fashion accomplishment so far in your eyes: Making it to Hollywood and being able to work with the brightest and talented artists of past and present time. 

The biggest fashion/business obstacle you have overcome: The 2020 pandemic.

A designer who inspires you today: Thierry Mugler

Your favorite quote: “Good, better and best, never let it rest until your good is better and your better is best.”

Advice to someone pursuing a career as a fashion designer in today’s challenging environment: Prayer will always lead us to whatever goal our hearts desire. Never stop believing.

How has the Virtual Style Trend Show by Phoenix Fashion Week impacted your brand during pandemic: It gives me the platform to make my creations be seen. In this way, the Phoenix Fashion event never stops to help inspire and provide shows that people will appreciate and be inspired by.

What can fans expect to see from your brand in 2021: Every time I put out a new collection, I always expect the unexpected to happen. To intrigue the unknown. And so for 2021, I’m planning to access the artwork of early civilization, the hieroglyphics of ancient Egypt and its secrets.

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Photo by: James Almanza

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