Fabulous Designer: Sisi Aduke

Each week we will be highlighting one of the fabulous emerging designers from Phoenix Fashion Week 2018. This week, meet Jummy Salami, the Designer of Sisi Aduke, a brand creating vibrant styles for the modern woman.

Hometown: Kwara State, Nigeria (West Africa)

First fashion job: My wedding dress! It was overly ambitious of me as inexperienced as I was, it wasn’t ready till my wedding day, it wasn’t as beautiful as I “designed”, lol, I drove my family crazy, but I am glad I did it!

When did you know you had a passion for fashion: From childhood, really. I used to patch and reconstruct my clothes by hand with a needle and thread. I always loved mixing things up. I guess that’s where my love for blending African and other prints started from.

Person who has impacted your life the most: There’s a few of them at the top of the list, but I’ll say my mom. She has been this strong pillar all through my life, supporting me and Sisi Aduke every step of the way. She depicts unconditional love which to me is a big deal.

Your biggest fashion accomplishment in your eyes: For now and at this stage of my business, it’s being recognized as an emerging talent by Phoenix Fashion Week. It truly is a privilege to be in the BootCamp.

The biggest obstacle you have overcome: My lack of confidence in my abilities and strengths as a designer and entrepreneur. It’s still an ongoing process, but I’ve come a whole long way!

A designer who inspires: Late Azzedine Alaia. He was true to his vison and his brand. He clearly valued quality and uniqueness over the hype or the norm.

Favorite quote: “What’s the worst that could happen?”. I think this all the time and it helps me prepare, sort of a proactive anticipation like I learned in Bootcamp.

Advice to someone pursuing a career in fashion as a designer: Get mentors and hands-on training (not just fashion school), and don’t be afraid to double down and DO THE WORK!

How has the Phoenix Fashion Week #DesignerBootcamp impacted your brand? Wow, where do I start? I have learned so much and seen so much result in just 33 days of Bootcamp so far. I wish this could be replicated everywhere! There’s so much young talent out there without guidance. As a brand, I’m more defined and focused. I’m more confident about reaching out to potential clients and marketing my brand. I have a clear vision of where I’m going. How I’ll get there is an ongoing process but I’m glad I have the Phoenix Fashion Week Team along on this journey.

Favorite piece you have ever designed:


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