Fabulous Designer: Velana Luxury

Each week we will be highlighting one of the fabulous emerging designers from Phoenix Fashion Week 2019. This week, meet Anna Velnyanko, the designer of Velana Luxury, creating contemporary designs for sophisticated woman.


Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

What is unique about your brand: Luxury stylish clothing that is affordable.

What footprint/legacy will your brand leave the world with: our brand is about giving women power by making them feel confident, elegant and contented more effortlessly.

First fashion job: First fashion job was at Moschino store, when I turned 21 years old. I remember thinking what a funny brand, definitely not my style. But I’ve learned that every brand has its own buyer.

When did you know you had a passion for fashion: Since I was little I loved my moms heels and her dresses. Because I was born and raised in Ukraine, till 1991 it was Soviet Union, the only fashion magazines we had were with drawings of the women. When I was 11 years old I saw the first magazine BURDA that you can use their patterns to create clothing from the looks in that magazine. I learned how to sew myself with a little help of my grandma. The first time a saw Fashion channel it was through satellite antenna in 1991 and i was magnetized, I could not leave the TV. From that point on I was designing complicated looks and my mom’s friend which was a seamstress was making them for me. During Soviet Union Era and a little bit after, it was very unusual to have different design than what it was sold at the stores. The clothing at the stores at that time were all the same, it was one department store where people shop.

Person who has impacted your FASHION life the most: In 2013 I met one of the singers that was in town for Grammy awards. I was so fascinated with his talent. And he shared a secret with me, that every one of us has a talent we just have to dig for it. I shared with him that I love designing clothing, but i never thought about actually selling it.

Your biggest fashion accomplishment (SO FAR) in your eyes: I am very proud of being on fashion Zappos show. Also had an opportunity to dress some celebrities. It’s just a unique, one of a kind experience.

The biggest FASHION obstacle you have overcome: To be a public figure. I am very shy and for me it’s just very hard to overcome the fear of going out there and introducing myself as a designer. I would rather stay at home, design and sell it through online. But I understand how many fans want to be connected and be personal with the creator and designer of the clothing that they wear.

A designer who inspires you: I find inspiration everywhere and with everyone. Usually my designs build up in my head for a long time and then one morning I would wake up and I start making drawings. While we make a sample, I would always add or take it out to make exactly what I had in my head.

Favorite quote: Pray, dream, believe, achieve.

Advice to someone pursuing a career in fashion as a designer: There will be a time when you will want to give up, just go back to the day you wanted to start it and why. Remember the reason why you do what you do. After a sleepless nights and a lot of stress you may lose inspiration and focus. But just so you know there is someone out there who wears your clothes and conquers the world!

How has the Phoenix Fashion Week #DesignerBootcamp impacted your brand? Gave me a lot of knowledge and organizational structure for my brand. I have more clear vision business-wise, where I see my brand in the future.

What can fans expect to see from your collection in October: The inspiration for my October collection was women who are in power. Not necessarily holding high position in the corporate world or their own business. But also women who needed to stand up for themselves, open up and show the world who they really are. Fearless. The sneak peak of my 4 looks shows some of it. Leather, silk and tulle are major fabrics I have used for this collection, Combination of beige soft color with black or navy strong bold colors that make a statement.

If you would like to attend Phoenix Fashion Week 2019, you can purchase tickets here: Use promo code FABAZ for a $20 gift card good towards any seat (not applicable towards standing room tickets).

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