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Fabulous Designer: Christine Adar

Phoenix Fashion Week presents the Global Virtual Runway Experience – The Style Trend Show on Dec. 19. The virtual show will feature six couture and ready-to-wear designers with unique backdrops and styles, representing multiple continents. Today, meet participating designer Christine Adar

Brand name and headquarters: Christine Adar, Chicago, IL.

What is unique about your brand: My brand is known for making a woman “feel” the experience of being in one of my gowns. Its called living the “Adar experience.” Any woman who wears one of my gowns feels like the most alluring woman in the room. I’m known for choosing elegant luxurious textiles, one-of-a-kind vintage fabrics or using artists to hand-painted garments for that elegant red carpet feel. I also choose classic silhouettes so my gowns have a timeless look with an old Hollywood red-carpet flair.

What kind of social impact will your brand leave on the world: My brand tries to help women love their bodies not matter what they look like. Every woman can feel beautiful and look alluring. My brand promotes loving your own body thru customization of one-of-a-kind garments.

Your first fashion job: Working for a designer in London; Jean Pierre Braganza, for London Fashion Week

Key person who impacted your fashion/business life the most and why: My boyfriend, who passed away right after Fashion Week in 2018 was the most influential. From the first day I had met him, he had always supported my brand and pushed me to branch out nationally. He encouraged me to become a part of the Phoenix Fashion Week’s Boot Camp in 2017 and learn the business side of fashion. After his passing, I dedicated my 2019 collection in his memory and it was deeply inspired by where he had wanted to take me in Europe on our next vacation: Barcelona. It was my most successful and creative collection to date.

Your biggest fashion accomplishment so far in your eyes: My 2019, 24-piece Barcelona collection.

The biggest fashion/business obstacle you have overcome: Myself. Fear and doubt were probably my biggest obstacles in the beginning of my career. I was afraid of failure which can keep you from trying and keep you stuck. I didn’t know which direction to take my brand or how to promote it properly. When I finally got over that fear and realized that every failure is actually a success at learning what not to do, then I was able to jump in and really work my brand to the best of my ability.

A designer who inspires you today: Georges Hobeika, Zuhair Murad and Christian Siriano.

Your favorite quote: “Grace and elegance isn’t something your wear, its something you are.”

Advice to someone pursuing a career as a fashion designer in today’s challenging environment: First: Every single thing you do is a representation of your brand, everything. Your social media accounts, personal and professional, your fashion shows, your behind-the-scenes videos, your sewing techniques, the labels you use, the people who work for you, the models you choose, the fabrics selected for your garments, the people you network with or how you behave at events. Your brand is everything and you control it. Don’t let others try to taint your brand or misrepresent you. You are your brand. Live it, breathe it, be it. Second: Learn the business of fashion. Its not just about designing or your cool concept that you created. It’s a business. Most fashion businesses fail because they don’t understand the business side of fashion. Learn it, period. Third: Focus. Don’t try to do too much right away at once. Start small and only expand when you have handle on your brand and fully understand how your market will respond to your line.

How has the Virtual Style Trend Show by Phoenix Fashion Week impacted your brand during pandemic: It’s given my brand a place to showcase designs when all other avenues have been closing up due to the pandemic restrictions. It’s also given me a global platform and a chance to show my line with highly acclaimed international designers.

What can fans expect to see from your brand in 2021: My next line in 2021 will have a feeling of power and elegance with an inspiration from the Crusades. There will be lots of sheer metallic fabrics and metal-inspired soft armor like materials.

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