Percy Knox Elevee- By James Almanza-

Fabulous Designer: Élevée Lifestyle

Phoenix Fashion Week presented the Global Virtual Runway Experience – The Style Trend Show on Dec. 19. The virtual show featured six couture and ready-to-wear designers with unique backdrops and styles, representing multiple continents. Today, meet participating designer Élevée Lifestyle

Brand name and headquarters: Élevée Lifestyle, Los Angeles, CA

What is unique about your brand: Élevée established in 1999 is a boutique design house for men’s custom clothing. Élevée controls and operates a 20,000-sq.-ft. factory in Los Angeles where we design, manufacture and curate high-end fabrics from all over the world into clothes that fit our customers’ lifestyle. Our turnaround time for design to finished product is the fastest in the industry. We can make a custom-made suit in seven hours. 

What kind of social impact will your brand leave on the world: Our impact is to celebrate the ideal of staying fashionably current and economically flexible, while creating luxury custom clothing at scale in the United States.

Your first fashion job: I worked a stocker for JC Penny’s when I was 12 years old with my mom.

Key person who impacted your fashion/business life the most and why: Tom Ford and John Varvatos. Tom because of his pure elegancy and classic style. John because of his rock inspired spin on classic men’s clothes

Your biggest fashion accomplishment so far in your eyes: Our ability to stay relevant with pro athletes, celebrities and high-net-worth businessmen over the last 21 years.

The biggest fashion/business obstacle you have overcome: COVID for Élevée. A lot of business is generated around social events. Red carpet looks and being able to network to generate more business at these events. 

A designer who inspires you today: Tom Ford and John Varvatos.

Your favorite quote: “Clothing is the outer expression of the inner person.” –Giorgio Armani

Advice to someone pursuing a career as a fashion designer in today’s challenging environment: Find and truly understand your niche

How did the Virtual Style Trend Show by Phoenix Fashion Week impact your brand during pandemic: PHXFW gave Élevée Platform of visibility through the show that would have been hard to receive any other way.

What can fans expect to see from your brand in 2021: More of the same. A spotlight on the lifestyle of the stylish modern man.

Pictured: Percy Knox of Élevée Lifestyle by James Almanza


  1. Hello I was hoping to get a hold pf Percy for an event in Las Vegas. I am an Executive Casino Host at Luxor and wanted to do a suit event for our clients with Percy.

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