Kyndra Jade

Fabulous Designer: Kyndra Jade

Phoenix Fashion Week presented the Global Virtual Runway Experience – The Style Trend Show on Dec. 19. The virtual show featured six couture and ready-to-wear designers with unique backdrops and styles, representing multiple continents. Today, meet participating designer Kyndra Jade…

Brand name and headquarters: Kyndra Jade and Kansas City.

What is unique about your brand: I wish I could explain or understand the magic that happens when you experience a pair of couture angel wings or a gown with ruffles and a train. A hidden confidence, the young dreamer inside of you comes out. A little skip in your step or twirl comes back. Most people experience gowns only a couple times in their life, prom and their wedding. Kyndra Jade inspires you to step out in couture to celebrate yourself because you’re worth it. Your wildest dreams come true.

What kind of social impact will your brand leave on the world: I always leave what I touch with a little sparkle. I hope my brand and my story inspires people to dream bigger things for themselves than they are. “Your Wildest Dreams.” Nothing about my childhood or background would make you think I was born to be a runway designer. I don’t have an amazing sense of style, my parents didn’t own businesses, but when you chase your dreams, big dreams, and they happen. It allows other people to believe it could happen for them too.

Your first fashion job: I worked at a sewing factory trimming strings and keeping the seamstress stacks of fabric full on their tables in high school. I was scared of the commercial machines, now I own one! I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was 18. All of those adventures paved the way to being a runway designer.

Key person who impacted your fashion/business life the most and why: I don’t think I can pick one. My mom sewed my clothes and costumes when I was young and taught me to sew. She has always allowed me to be the girly dreamer I was growing up. She truly is my biggest fan and would do anything to help my dreams come true. My grandmother taught me how to alter patterns and used her passion for sewing and taught me that sewing was an art. The third person left unnamed made me see I was a designer. Until 2019 and after my divorce, I would have never used the word designer to describe my craft. I had a vision that designers were Project Runway. I design differently. They pushed me to believe I could do runway like I had always dreamed of. I wouldn’t be here without them.

Your biggest fashion accomplishment so far in your eyes: Making the runway of Kansas City Fashion Week and starting my runway career. Until that moment I never believed my dream would be my reality. If I had not started, I wouldn’t have made it to the Phoenix Fashion Week Style Trend Show. I still can’t believe I got to be a part; it is an unbelievable accomplishment!

The biggest fashion/business obstacle you have overcome: 2020. All jokes aside. I had three shows scheduled back to back and producing that many new designs, managing the imports and all the moving parts of a business all for it to come to a screeching halt with canceled runways was by far the hardest thing to overcome financially and emotionally. Figuring out how to release it without a runway and how to pick up the pieces was a struggle for me. I was really blessed to be in Phoenix Fashion Weeks Digital Designer Bootcamp when it happened. Having someone to guide me through that is the reason I made it through. I was ready to throw in the towel on my dreams.

A designer who inspires you today: On the runway, Chanel, and the Zimmerman Spring 2021 collection sparked my soul. From the designs and the most perfect runway. I loved every single thing about it. As a girl growing up in Kansas City, Kate Spade’s success has always inspired me. Duane Topping inspires me daily. I don’t think you’ll meet anyone that will inspire you like he can. He indeed is more than a label.

Your favorite quote: My favorite Poem is by artist R.H. Sin, and I read it every day. She was broken but somehow she found peace in the pieces scattered across the floor. She’s an artist in the way she pieces herself back together to create something stronger and a bit more beautiful than before. It inspired me after divorce, to put my pieces back together and create art and share my story.

Advice to someone pursuing a career as a fashion designer in today’s challenging environment: Start with a solid business foundation. I think most designers start with art and hope to figure the business out as they go. However, it sets you up to burn out before you figure it all out. 

How did the Virtual Style Trend Show by Phoenix Fashion Week impact your brand during pandemic: It gave me as an artist something to be excited about in 2020! I’ve found that I often as an emerging designer try to measure my success with the wrong things. I find it mind blowing that I had the opportunity to work with Dolcessa Swimwear and the Phoenix Fashion Week Team.

What can fans expect to see from your brand in 2021: I cannot wait to release collections in 2021. I think they are some of my best work yet! I will be announcing more ways for people to experience my collection and angel wings.

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