Fabulous People: Alexandra Maw


Who is Alexandra Maw?

Alexandra Maw is a the 29-year-old co-creator of Kaleidoscope Juice, a juice bar and restaurant serving cold pressed juices, smoothies, healthy foods and more. Alexandra is a beaming ray of light, always so positive, kind and caring. And when you meet her mom, you know exactly where she inherited those traits from!

What is Alexandra Maw’s story?

Alexandra Maw grew up with a love for food and cooking; as a kid her favorite TV show was Julia Child (which drove her sister nuts). Her favorite memories are of afternoons spent in the kitchen cooking with her dad, a food and travel writer based in Vancouver where she grew up. Food and cooking and sharing that experience with people is all about comfort on such a deep level to her. It nourishes her to the core.

When Alexandra was attending ASU she found out about The Edson Entrepreneur Initiative – a business plan competition – and she asked her “mum” if she would partner with her for their idea of “Healthy Food Fast.” They ended up being grant recipients and this was the confidence she needed to create her own business and allow her passion to become her work.

Alexandra graduated in the heat of the housing collapse in 2008, so opening a restaurant was simply not an option for her at that time. Alexandra and her mom decided to start at the farmers market with their handmade raw vegan treats which they then got into Whole Foods. Three years ago they started home delivery of their juices, healthy foods and treats. That gained so much traction they needed to find their first small space in Old Town Scottsdale. This space was very hidden away, low risk and perfect for them just starting out. Thankfully people found them almost instantly – they have so much love and gratitude for the community and friends who supported them and continue to do so in such a big way.

One of their delivery clients – Ian and Vanessa, founders of Spiritual Gangster – found an old building in Scottsdale with their friend Andrew. Ian and Vanessa decided it would be a great spot to renovate and create their corporate headquarters with a Kaleidoscope Juice shop out front. They hired a fantastic architect – Kathy Hayes – who brought Alexandra and her mom’s vision to life, especially with the walk up window and yellow paneling on the exterior. Alexandra says, “Co-creating with these amazing people was an absolute dream come true. I couldn’t believe it was really happening!

“The last three years have been the most dynamic, intense, hard and happy years of my life,” Alexandra said. “We now have 4 shops in town, a gluten free bakery, and bottling plant where we do all of our juicing.

“Our team is incredible and Ive been so grateful to experience the Power of More than One. The community is equally amazing – phoenix is a special special place.”

What’s next for Alexandra Maw?

Alexandra’s ultimate dream would be to have a Kaleidoscope shop on a beach somewhere 🙂 In the meantime, she is continually innovating and growing. Stay tuned for their new “Kaleidoscope Kids” line!

What makes Alexandra Maw fabulous?

Alexandra thinks qualities that make someone fabulous is when they listen to their ideas and bring them to life. “Let your higher purpose become your work,” she says. Alexandra has obviously done this by turning her dream and passion into a reality. She is doing something she loves, while bettering other people’s lives. It doesn’t get much more fabulous than that!

Alexandra Maw’s favorite quote?

“Love will set us free.” (She credits Vanessa from Spiritual Gangster for this one.)

For more information about Kaleidoscope Juice, visit KaleidoscopeJuice.com.

Alexandra and her mom Andrea


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