Fabulous People: Alicia Neal

Alicia Neal is a beautician and the founder of Beauty By Alicia located in Scottsdale. She is an admirable female entrepreneur who is truly passionate about what she does for her clients.

Hometown: Nomad, however, spent a long time living in AZ and I absolutely love it and considered it my home.

First job: Cookie Basket! I miss that place! Sandwiches’ and homemade cookies.. The woman who owned it originally was amazing woman and did a great job! She would put together delicious cookie baskets for all occasions. I remember how much I loved to make croutons for left over sub bread the next day! Of course, the take away, every sandwich should be accompanied by a cookie.

Favorite AZ restaurant: All!! I don’t want to single one out because I am a foodie and love so so many! However, the latest one I am currently recommending to clients is Orto Café….

Person who has impacted your life the most: I would say my Grandmother, she was the classy silent type, who knew how to have a good time, get what she wanted and entertain like a expert… Did I mention her cooking was on point! She always encouraged you to do whatever you desired whether it be rational or not. She believed in your capability to be the best version of yourself. Life was fun for her and she loved every minute of it.

Your biggest accomplishment in your eyes: Allowing myself to do me and live my full potential, My motto: Just do you!

The biggest obstacle you have overcome: When I think about any challenges, obstacles or fire I had to put out it was really a blessing in disguise, because life has its own plan and it usually always works out for the best if you are focused and aware.

Someone who inspires you: Everyone, we all have our own story. I have learned so much from so many during my years as an esthetician I have grown up in my treatment room.

Favorite quote: Give yourself permission to do you.

Advice to someone pursuing a career path in what you do: It is about community, not competition. Know your why and purpose, then build an empire around it.

What makes someone fabulous: When you’re able to count your blessings.

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