Fabulous People: Andrew Varela

Andrew Varela, the founder of The Madison and Not Vodka, is an energetic entrepreneur who motivates and inspires everyone he comes in contact with. Learn more about Andrew…

Hometown: Albuquerque > Phx > San Diego > Phx

First job: To-Go guy at the worlds finest establishment “Chilis Bar & Grill”… I think I got fired though bc I was abusing the number of chocolate shakes I was allowed?

Favorite AZ restaurant: Thai Lahna is my favorite AZ restaurant. Authentic Thai food and the customer service is INCREDIBLE. The #37 will change your life.

Person who has impacted your life the most: My Mother has impacted my life the most. Growing up I studied her entrepreneurial ways closely and she is one BAD A** CHICK.

Your biggest accomplishment in your eyes: My biggest accomplishment is by far the number of lives I’ve been a part of changing with the Madison Improvement Club. It’s been such a blessing and I get teary eyed thinking about the friendships and relationships created in that epic space.

The biggest obstacle you have overcome: The biggest obstacle I’ve overcome is being a Samsung user in an I phone world. I get sh*t everyday from people and still don’t care. #Itsabetterphone

Someone who inspires you: Rob Dyrdek is one of my biggest mentors. What he dreams/thinks he brings to life. And, he has a hell of a time doing it.

Favorite Quote: “Hire Character, Train Skill.” -Peter Schutz andddd “Complaining is not a strategy.” -Jeff Bezos

Advice to someone pursuing a career path in what you do: My advice would be to enjoy the ride. You jump off a cliff and assemble the plane on the way down. There is no easy way about it, but you only have to be right once.

What makes someone fabulous: Someone who innovates and pushes the status quo. Also, someone who creates value based ventures. Doing good for others should always be the whole point.

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