Fabulous People: Brett Vibber

Brett Vibber is the Chef & Owner of Cartwright’s Modern Cuisine in Cave Creek. He has immense passion for cooking that is obvious in the dishes he serves at his restaurant. Brett is an Arizona native that showcases his travels and experiences through food and culinary culture. Learn more about Brett Vibber…

Hometown: Tempe, AZ

First Job: Barro’s Pizza on Chandler Blvd and Alma School. It was awesome. I loved cooking since I was a young boy. I was so happy to finally work in a real kitchen. It was the first step towards an ultimate goal. I met some really great people that I still talk to today. I also quickly learned about the underbelly of our industry.

Favorite AZ restaurant: I would like to preface this by admitting I do not get out often and there are a number of restaurants I still have not had the pleasure of trying. That being said I think Nobou at Teeter House and Cotton and Copper are a couple of my favorites. I know both the chefs are dedicated to their craft with their souls and it comes through in every bite. I like both restaurants also because they show the evolution of Arizona dining. Neither would have existed 20 years ago here.

Person who has impacted my life the most: My Dad. I have been blessed with an amazing, loving and supportive family, a rarity nowadays. My Dad taught us how to appreciate the outdoors. Most of everything I do outdoors I learned from him. I learned how to be a good teacher and how to treat people fairly. He taught me how to lead people and do your best to be modest and humble doing so. He was also my wrestling coach from the time I could walk until I graduated high school. My Dad is one of the best wrestling coaches in Arizona history and I think a lot of others would say he instilled a work ethic in us that is unmatched. He taught how to come together as a team and that a group of powerful individuals is so much more important than 1 superstar.

Biggest accomplishment: Obviously it would be my children. Without them nothing else is important to me. Everything else is a distant second place.

Someone who inspires you: My Mom. I would challenge anyone to find a stronger woman than her. My Mom is a rock of confidence and knowledge. She is one of the main reasons that I feel fine marching to the beat of my own drummer. I watched her not only raise a family but be a successful nurse and later a school teacher. Teaching and caring about young people is in my blood.

Favorite Quote: “Those who stay will be champions.”

Advice to a young cook: Get a job in a restaurant. Do not waste your time and money at culinary school. See if you like it. You will know quickly, sometimes within minutes if this is for you. Kitchens are full of culture. It has to be in your blood. If it’s not, the kitchen just chews you up and spits you out. Some of my most rewarding moments in this life have taken place in kitchens around the world. I have also had some of my darkest moments in the kitchen. All have helped strengthen me and build me into the man I try to be each day.

What makes someone fabulous: I think positivity goes a long ways. I have found as I got older I really enjoy being around positive thinkers. Productivity comes from positivity and I think that’s fabulous!


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  1. Brett Viber is a dead beat thief who closes up and uses or takes thousands of dollars of unpaid vendor inventory with him. He can’t be trusted and will be pursued for his bad debts. He knew he was closing Cartwrights because it was failing and ordered anyway knowing he would not pay for it. Dead beat..

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