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Bri Seeley is the “Boss” at Seeley Enterprises Inc. She is an author, speaker and coach, motivating and inspiring women to create the life they want and deserve. While Bri resides in Los Angeles, she has spent a lot of time in fabulous Arizona! Read more about Bri…

Hometown: Northfield, MN

First job: I delivered newspapers, which was a terrible job to have come November in Minnesota! I was responsible to receive the papers, stuff them into the plastic bags and drop them on people’s doorsteps. I didn’t last long – I’m not such a huge fan of winter!

Favorite AZ restaurant: The Herb Box!!! I love the atmosphere and the menu, which can be hard for me due to the amount of allergies and issues that I have when it comes to eating. I have been to the Herb Box at all hours of the day (breakfast through dinner) and they are always kind, gracious and accommodation – plus, delicious!!!!

Person who has impacted your life the most: Mama Seeley. Anyone who attended my shows at Phoenix Fashion Week knows that my mama has always been backstage, behind-the-scenes helping me and supporting me with whatever I need to be successful. And that doesn’t just apply to fashion shows – that’s been her M.O. for my entire life. Receiving this kind of support and encouragement from my mom has been a huge factor for my abilities to be successful through 10 years of entrepreneurship in multiple industries.

Your biggest accomplishment in your eyes: My biggest accomplishment has been the ability to walk away from businesses, people and things that no longer serve me – multiple times in multiple ways on multiple levels. When I closed my fashion brand, I spun into a deep, deep spiral of “failure.” I told myself stories about what a horrendous business owner I was, why I royally sucked and felt so much shame around it all. After several months of inner work, I was able to heal my feelings of failure, shame and anger at myself, transforming my perspective into an understanding that this decision was aligned, empowered and the best for my future.

It helped even more this year when I walked away from a second business. I never even looked at the decision to close this business as a failure. I fully trusted that it was exactly what needed to happen in order for my continual expansion.

Being able to make big decisions about my present and my future without spiraling into doubt, shame and failure is a huge success for me. Entrepreneurialism is a journey. There will continue to be ups and downs, and the more I can view closures, outgrowing things and moving forward as a positive, the better.

The biggest obstacle you have overcome:
I would say that the biggest obstacle I’ve overcome is the same as my biggest accomplishment. And it was in moving through the obstacles that allowed it to turn into an accomplishment.

Someone who inspires you: I am inspired by people out living their passion, taking leaps of faith and creating their realities (rather than just responding to the “reality” in front of them). It takes a ton of courage and gumption to follow this path, and the people that say YES to this are the reason I get out of bed everyday.

Favorite quote: “In this life people will love you and people will hate you, and none of it will have anything to do with you.” -Abraham Hicks

Advice to someone pursuing a career path in what you do: It’s funny, this was the same advice I’d give when I was a Fashion Designer as well. And that’s…. Make sure that you’re heart is 110% in it. You can’t fake passion. No amount of money will ever replace passion. And nothing is worth doing that you aren’t passionate about.

What makes someone fabulous: A compassionate heart, their outlook on life and the way they treat other people.

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