Fabulous People: Carey Pena


Who is Carey Pena?

Carey Pena, an Emmy Award Winning News Anchor, is known for her passion for politics, social media and inspired communication. Now the Founder & CEO Inspired Media 360, Carey continues to grow her inspiring career while raising her kids.

What is Carey Pena’s story?

Carey was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan and raised in Southern California. She has always wanted to work in news because she loves learning about people. It inspires her. After attending ASU, she landed an internship at KTVK, and ended up working as a general assignment and investigative reporter, political show host, debate moderator and nightly news anchor. Now she owns her own Multimedia Firm, Inspired Media 360. Inspired Media 360 uncovers and produces empowering stories and content every week. Not just “feel good” stories, but stories of strength, survival, and inspiration as well as more in-depth interviews about politics and public policy. Life and learning is a journey. The mission is to “learn more and to share what we’ve learned.”

Carey Pena’s future dream?

Carey’s future dream is already becoming a reality and she feels so much gratitude. She is in the process of building out a news studio and expanding her company. The next step is a bigger strategy division to focus on visual storytelling, brand-building and media coaching. As an entrepreneur, Carey loves that she is able to set the tone and that is 100% high energy and positive spirit. She plans to bring everything they are doing —both in the News and Strategy Divisions — to the next level in 2016, including getting involved in documentary projects. Most of all, her dream was always to balance career and family life. She was brought up to work hard and she loves her career, but she doesn’t want to miss all the good stuff at home.

What makes Carey Pena fabulous?

Carey says a fabulous person is “someone who lets loose and doesn’t sweat the small stuff. A person who makes their dreams happen, has fun, and is generous and kind on the way up.” Carey is most definitely generous, kind and is making her dreams happen! A fabulous female entrepreneur who is following her passion.

Carey Pena’s favorite quote?

“Good people bring out the good in people.”

For more information about Carey Pena and Inspired Media 360, visit inspiredmedia360.com.




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  1. Carey produced a an amazing video for my business that I am so proud of. I never could have made anything like this of my own. She is a pleasure to work with and a genius at story telling!

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