Fabulous People: Catherine Anaya


Who is Catherine Anaya?

Catherine Anaya is a philanthropic and charismatic woman who has a name and face many in the Phoenix area recognize. Anaya graduated from USC with a degree in Communications, in pursuit of a career in broadcast journalism. She anchored TV News in Texas, Indiana, Phoenix and Los Angeles before returning to Phoenix in 2003 and anchoring CBS 5 News weekday evenings for the last 12 1/2 years. In addition to a fabulous career, Anaya is married to her prince charming and is the proud mother of two amazing children, one of whom is about to become a third generation USC Trojan. She also founded a charitable group called The Sisterhood of Super Women, because she believes in women empowering each other and together, using their philanthropic hearts, to help give smaller charities a bigger platform. Anaya is also a spin instructor because “there’s nothing more intoxicating than the endorphin rush of a sweaty, party on a bike!”


What’s new for Catherine Anaya?

Anaya just left her TV News career after 25+ years to spend more time with her family. This news shocked and saddened viewers, but Anaya’s decision to pursue her own business and put her family first has inspired many. By launching her own media company, 4Hearts Media, she can continue doing the work in the community she loves (video storytelling, speaking, emceeing, hosting, writing and blogging) while having the flexibility to be present for her family. It’s the little things, such as cooking family dinners and attending her son’s baseball games.

What makes Catherine Anaya fabulous?

When we asked Anaya what she thinks makes a person fabulous, she said, “Confidence, compassion, passion, kindness, generosity, living a purpose driven life and recognizing that it’s not what you have in life but who you have in life that matters most.” We strongly feel Anaya possesses all of these qualities and more. She is a business woman many look up to, a philanthropist who people are grateful for, an inspiration to friends and a mother who would do anything for her children.

Catherine Anaya’s favorite quote?

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Gandhi

For more information about Catherine Anaya and to follow her new journey, visit catherineanaya.com.


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  1. Martha Basco

    Many beautiful things have been written about Catherine Anaya in the midst of her retirement, and they are all true. As her, mom, I want to add that she is also a very generous and giving woman. She recently took me and her daughter to Italy, to celebrate my 65th birthday and her daughter’s graduation from high school. She providing us with wonderful memories of fabulous meals, beautiful hotels, long walks, gorgeous views of monuments and countrysides, killer gelato, superb wines, and deep and silly conversations that I will treasure forever.
    That is MY sweet Catherine!
    The one who still calls me “mommy.”
    The one who will always be…my little girl. ♡

    Thank you for your kind words. 🙂

    She IS the real deal, in front of and away from the cameras. Her work ethic began in her teens, led her through college, and insured that she would be as successful as she wanted to be in such an incredibly competitive field. She stayed genuine and true to herself for those 25+ years, and she was always willing to mentor students who aspired to fill her TV “shoes” once it was time for her to follow a new path.
    That new path opened up as a result of sad circumstances, but she has risen to the challenges that lay ahead with the spunk and determination that have always catapulted her forward.

    • Fabulous Arizona

      Such sweet words and we believe every bit of it! She really is a wonderful lady and that certainly says something about how fabulous you are as the person who raised her 🙂

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