Fabulous People: Chad Patton


Who is Chad Patton?

Chad Patton is a Kansas transplant and the co-founder, president and entrepreneur of Stream Logistics, an extremely successful boutique freight management firm which specializes in providing freight and transportation solutions.

What is Chad Patton’s story?

Golf originally brought Chad Patton to Arizona. He had played golf throughout high school and college but was looking for a change in scenery after his education at Florida Southern in Lakeland, Fla. He traveled out west to take a job as an assistant golf professional at Phoenix Country Club in downtown Phoenix. After a few years in the golf business, he was recruited by a business professional from the country club who recognized his natural sales ability. Chad was looking for an opportunity to utilize his charisma and passion for building relationships, so he immediately accepted the position.

Over the course of the next 10 years, Chad continued to work in sales for various companies but his entrepreneurial side still had a burning desire to start a company. He knew being a business owner would be a risk but also a rewarding challenge. In 2012, while working with a logistics company, he met an operationally-minded entrepreneur named Carson Holmquist. Their skills and personalities perfectly complemented each other and they decided to start their own logistics company, Stream Logistics.

Within three years, Stream Logistics has surpassed over $15 million in annual revenue and built an incredible reputation as a boutique-style logistics company. With a natural talent in new business development, networking and customer relations, Chad is the driving force behind the consistent growth at Stream Logistics.

What is Chad Patton’s future dream?

Chad knew from a young age that he was entrepreneurial, so he is currently living his dream of owning and managing his own business. He is able to apply his passion and all his strengths to help grow this business. The success of the company has allowed Chad to continually hire and train new employees, which enables him to utilize his natural talents as a motivator and leader.

What makes Chad Patton fabulous?

Chad believes a positive attitude is a critical quality of a fabulous person. According to Chad, nothing is more empowering than to be surrounded by people with great positive energy. Being in the presence of a fabulous person with a positive attitude reverberates positivity throughout every facet of one’s professional and personal life. If you were to talk to any of Chad’s employees or colleagues, they would certainly agree that Chad possesses all of these characteristics and more. We think someone who risks everything for the pursuit of their passion, the way Chad has, is pretty fabulous.

What is Chad Patton’s favorite quote?

“I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.” – Steve Jobs

To learn more about Stream Logistics, visit streamlogistics.com.



Photo Credit: Louis Hernandez

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