Fabulous People: Corey & Justin Cohen

Justin Cohen is a third-generation jeweler and the VP of Operations for Tempe-based Elite Fine Jewelers while Corey Cohen is the VP Strategic Initiatives for AmerisourceBergen, wholesaler of all pharmaceuticals to hospitals and retail pharmacies. Learn more about the Cohens…


Justin: Buffalo Grove, Illinois  

Corey: Auburn, Maine

First job:

Justin: First job was when I was probably 10 years old working with my dad at one of our jewelry stores in Illinois.

Corey: My first job was as a food runner for events and banquets at a local event space.

Favorite ways to spend your free time in AZ: We love escaping the heat and going to Flagstaff whenever we can! We love being outdoors, hiking, camping, fishing, playing with our daughter, Kyle, and experiencing the beauty of Arizona together. One of the great things about our state is the year-round sunshine.

Your biggest accomplishment and why: Our baby girl, Kyle! Being a parent is one of the most incredible gifts. It really does change everything. She isn’t even a baby anymore; she is quickly transitioning to a toddler.

The biggest obstacle you overcame: 

Justin: As a business, Elite Fine Jeweler was faced with the obstacle of differentiating ourselves in an oversaturated industry. It is difficult to stand above the rest with so much competition but overcoming those obstacles and challenges ended up being some of our greatest victories.

Corey: It’s always challenging to balance managing it all. Being a great wife, being a loyal employee, being the best mom I can be, it takes a conscious effort to keep my own passions alive while staying present as a mom and wife.

Someone who inspires you and why: 

Justin: My dad. He’s 67 and just as motivated as he was 40 years ago. Still shows up to work ready to take on any challenge.

Corey: Justin. He’s got so much on his plate between the jewelry stores, the Gold Guy, managing our properties and other business ventures–and yet he always puts family first. He’s an amazing friend, son and brother.

Advice to someone pursuing a career path in what you do: 

Justin: Get in and get going as young as you can. The jewelry business evolves constantly, and it’s so important to treat everyone the same. Jewelers deal with all walks of life, at all points of life; from those who are celebrating, to those who are down on their luck, you have to be able to connect with each of them. And, find a mentor.

Corey: I’d say don’t worry so much about initial position but look at the company itself and if it’s going somewhere you want to be. Look for companies where you can see yourself growing, where you enjoy the culture and they create opportunity. Sometimes you have to be willing to accept a position to get your foot in the door for the long-term play.

Favorite quote: “Gain your confidence in your comfort zone, grow outside of it.”

Something someone would be surprised to learn about you: We own seven rental properties in Arizona and love creating memorable vacations for travelers.

What makes someone fabulous: Being confident and kind makes someone fabulous! Owning your passions, having confidence in yourself and having a kind heart.

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