Fabulous People: Dave Munsey

Dave Munsey, a beloved local celebrity best known for being the weatherman on FOX Chanel, retired from his TV news job in June 2017 and recently launched a book called “Munsey Business.” Learn more about Dave Munsey…

Hometown: Jamestown, North Dakota

First job: I was working on a milk truck at age 13, paper route, cleaned carpet, drove laundry truck delivering laundry, working for dad in restaurant business catering to road construction crew – always had a job! First broadcasting job was at KILO radio in Grand Forks, North Dakota while attending University of North Dakota, American Forces Radio and Television Network in Alaska and Viet Nam, Radio-Casa Grande, KUPD and Kool-FM Phoenix, Kool TV.

Favorite AZ restaurant: I have had many favorite restaurants but my real favorites are no longer in business – Citrus Cafe and Voltaire. I love fine dining and it has gone away.

Person who has impacted your life the most: Bruce Berg, high school speech instructor. He wrote the forward to my book, “Munsey Business.”

Your biggest accomplishment in your eyes: enjoying 42 years of employment at the same station – that’s never been done before.

The biggest obstacle you have overcome: keeping up with modern technology.

Favorite quote: “We work in a business that is controlled by ratings and the whims of idiots.”

Advice to someone pursuing a career path in what you do: Touch the people and shake their hands.

What you think makes someone fabulous: honesty and compassion.

Learn more about Dave Munsey’s new book “Munsey Business” and order a copy at munseybusiness.com.





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