Fabulous People: Dianne Halloway


Who is Dianne Halloway?

Arizona native Dianne Halloway is the first African-American woman to venture into the men’s footwear space, founding the Halloway Collection. This inspirational woman is a former collegiate track star at Arizona State University who took her experience as an athlete and industrial designer to create a shoe collection that is turning heads across the world.

What is Dianne Halloway’s Story?

At the age of 8, Dianne Halloway’s mother was involved in substance abuse and could not adequately take care of her children. Dianne and her siblings would be forced to relocate to a new home, bouncing in and out of a shelter to foster home after foster home in Arizona. Throughout all of this, Dianne developed a love for sports and had a creative mind at a young age. Dianne received a scholarship to attend Arizona State University where she ran track and was a star athlete. She majored in Industrial Design, which later led her to a position at Puma. Dianne noticed the lack of women in the men’s footwear industry and saw an opportunity to make her mark. With the help of a mentor, Dianne launched her own men’s footwear line. The Halloway Collection is a unique and upscale footwear line that has caught the attention of celebrities and athletes around the world.

What’s next for Dianne Halloway?

Dianne Halloway wants to continue to build the Halloway Collection and become an internationally recognized brand. A future dream of hers is to be the next Oscar Niemeyer, who is a famous Brazilian architect.

What makes Dianne Halloway fabulous?

Dianne Halloway is making a history for African-American women through the work she is doing. She is a prime example of how your circumstances do not define you or limit you. Her ability to overcome a very difficult childhood and venture into an industry that is dominated by men, is so inspiring for women and minorities. These hurdles she has overcome definitely deem Dianne more than fabulous!

Dianne Halloway’s favorite quote?

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” – Pablo Picasso

For more information about Dianne Halloway’s footwear collection, visit hallowaycollection.com.






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