Fabulous People: Ed Gorman

Who is Ed Gorman?

Ed Gorman, a New Jersey native who now calls Arizona home, is the President of MODUS Development as well as Real Estate Developer, Technology Expert, and Visionary founder for one of the leading development companies of net-zero energy homes in the country.

What is Ed Gorman’s story?

From an early age Ed wanted to design and build things. He started along this path working at two design firms in high school, and after graduating from the University of South Carolina, he was recruited for his technology background by AT&T.

Ed landed in their corporate headquarters with a job deploying large-scale computer systems around the country (including Phoenix). Years later, and after a stint in commercial real estate sales, he went back to AT&T as a consultant, where he worked with new technologies at the time, including wireless data applications and managing as many as 250 employees.

After receiving his MBA from ASU, Ed left AT&T to run sales and marketing at a wireless technology startup, called Apriva, then became the CEO of technology firm, AMPS Wireless, and lastly, at Iridium Satellite, where he worked with actual rocket scientists. It was during this time that Ed realized he wasn’t doing all that he wanted to do, so he formulated his business plan to leverage technology into the real estate world. That’s how MODUS Development was born.

Using his own home as his “lab” to model different concepts to prove that high-performance homes could be built with cost effective methods, Ed found the right formula and built The Galleries at Turney as a prototype. He was thrilled with the result. It was the first LEED for Homes project in Arizona and the first LEED for Homes multifamily project in the country. It appeared nationally on television and appeared in hundreds of publications around the world.

In taking the business to the next level, Ed decided to make a quantum leap from doing LEED projects to building homes that create as much power as they consume (Net Zero Energy). While a few single-family homes had been built around the country, nowhere could he find anyone doing townhomes, condos and apartments this way. Ed was told that it was the “unicorn” – it didn’t exist and couldn’t be done. Fortunately, he proved them wrong and built MZ Townhomes in Old Town Scottsdale, the first net zero energy townhomes in the state (and possibly the country), which are now on the market at a starting price of $449,900.

MODUS Development’s next three projects are already planned for 2016, including a net zero energy apartment complex on the Scottsdale green belt, called Equinox; another being developed this summer called Circle Lofts in Scottsdale; and lastly, the second phase of MZ Townhomes will break ground this fall.

Ed Gorman’s future dream?

Ed’s dream is to continue leveraging technology to create buildings that improve the cities and towns in which we live. In doing so, he’d like to find ways to make sustainable homes more cost effective so that people of all income brackets can afford to live in one. In the future, MODUS Development plans to expand into retrofitting existing buildings to make them net zero energy. Not only does this make great business sense, but it also helps reduce the country’s dependence on oil and other non-sustainable energies.

What makes Ed Gorman fabulous?

When we asked Ed what he thinks makes someone fabulous, he told us, “Passion, drive, and unrelenting desire are things that make someone fabulous. Doing what you really love is the most fabulous thing I can think of.”

Ed definitely embodies these qualities. He followed his passion to build Net Zero Energy townhomes, which benefits us all in an effort to make sustainable-energies more widespread.

Ed Gorman’s favorite quote?

“It’s not how many times you get knocked down that count, it’s how many times you get back up.” – George A. Custer U.S. Military

Ed Gorman

Ed Gorman

Ed Gorman

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