Fabulous People: Felicia Romero


Who is Felicia Romero?

Felicia Romero is the Founder and Owner of Felicia Romero’s Fit Method, Fitness Personality and Celebrity Fitness Trainer. Felicia has graced the covers of many magazines, building a large following and inspiring people all over the world.

What is Felicia Romero’s story?

Felicia Romero has always been super athletic and played sports throughout high school. She went to ASU and played collegiate softball for the Sun Devils. She received a B.A in Political science with aspirations of Law school. She even took the LSAT, but knew that was not what she wanted. So she followed her passion in health and fitness, opening up her first gym out of her garage. She went back to school and received her Masters in Exercise Science and opened up a gym in an actual space when she was only 22 years old. She is around the time she began competing in Figure competitions and turned Pro at her 3rd show. It was a whirlwind after that… she shot her first fitness cover for Muscle and Fitness hers, landing 6 additional covers since then. She has been on the cover of the Flex mag swimsuit issue twice, Oxygen mag twice, Muscle and Performance and Status Magazine. Not to mention countless spreads in the major national fitness publications as well.

When competing, she won 7 Pro shows and at one point placed 4th in the world! It’s sounds like Felicia has it all, but life has not been easy. Lots of ups and lots of downs, but one thing has remained constant and that is the will and perseverance to follow her dreams. Felicia has spoken all around the country as a youth ambassador and most recently launched an international workout DVD which lead to her speak to over 50K people in the Philippines.

This year, Felicia opened up her dream gym, called Felicia Romero’s Fit Method. It incorporates everything she is passionate about. Yoga, TRX, HIIT, spin… a place that truly does not judge and pushes members to be their absolute best.

Felicia hopes she can spread the message of “self love”… “it is so important to be healthy and confident in oneself,” she says. The quote “I woke up like this” has a very powerful and deep rooted meaning for Felicia. For her, it means to “finally ‘wake up’ free from judgment, ridicule, bullying and negativity and taking a stand and finally opening your eyes to the realization that we only live this life once. And when you live life hating your body and not appreciating individuality and your own beauty is not a life to live.”

“I woke up like this”- self love and self acceptance.

What’s next for Felicia Romero?

Felicia Romero hopes to open up 5 to 6 more Fit Method’s in Arizona and then branch off to other states. She wants to continue to change and inspire others to not just change their body, but to change their life.

What makes Felicia Romero fabulous?

When we asked Felicia what she believes are qualities that makes someone “fabulous,” Felicia said someone who is kind, because everyone is fighting their own battle you may not understand. “Self acceptance and positive self talk is something that is very important to me as well,” Felicia says. We believe Felicia is “fabulous” for the way she is always kind, honest and driven. Felicia has used her popularity to inspire others to follow their passions, work towards their dreams and always be kind to others and themselves.

Felicia Romero’s favorite quote?

“Action creates momentum which creates opportunity.”





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