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Fabulous People: Heather Dziedzic

Heather Dziedzic is the founder of Scottsdale-based Bergy Bag, a game-changing cooling cosmetics bag. “At its core, it’s an elevated cooler bag designed to keep lipstick, skin care and serums from being compromised in the heat.” Learn about Heather Dziedzic…

Hometown: Walnut, CA

First job: Tilly’s 

Favorite ways to spend your free time in AZ: Two things: eating and walking. I love when it’s hiking season. I know people hike all year round but I tend to hike the most in the spring. I try to avoid the intense heat and the rattlesnakes. The food scene here is spectacular. I love trying new places and going back to our favorites.  

Your biggest accomplishment and why: Understanding that resilience was not one and done. The idea that I would have to practice resilience all my life and apply it in ways that I never imagined. Once I learned how to be resilient with grace and humor, I felt like I could make it through what ever was thrown at me.  

The biggest obstacle you overcame: In terms of the bag, it was finding the manufacturer. Until I had that partner right, this all seemed impossible. 

Bergy Bag

Someone who inspires you and why: The type of person who has so much success and abundance but continues to work hard and be humble and kind. It reminds me that what matters is relationships. I am a hyper-achiever so I can’t help but want to do well and financial success is part of that. But then what? Are you just a rich jerk? Any one can be that. I am inspired by the ones who continue to grow and give back and didn’t even mention that they were “crazy busy” or just got off their private jet. 

Advice to someone pursuing a career path in what you do: It’s up to you to move it forward and remind yourself how to eat an elephant. One bite at a time. 

Favorite quote: “Well done is better than well said.” –Benjamin Franklin

Something someone would be surprised to learn about you: I am pretty good at accents. 

What makes someone fabulous:  Lifting others even when they are hurting. 

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