Fabulous People: Heather Sayers Lehman


Who is Heather Sayers Lehman?

Heather Sayers Lehman is a professional speaker, executive coach and emotional eating expert at GYST Coaching Programs and Overcoming U Mindful Wellness Solutions. Heather took the struggles of her life and turned it into a career of helping others.

What is Heather Sayers Lehman’s story?

Heather Sayers Lehman has mastered the art of overcoming. Heather left a childhood home of drug addiction, public assistance and chaos during her senior year of high school. In her 30s, she created a series of epic disasters and decided to consciously rebuild her life from the ground up. Now, as a professional speaker, executive coach and emotional eating expert, Heather empowers successful professionals to overcome stress and overwhelm creating a more peaceful personal life and better health. This enables them to feel more deeply connected with their families, create better work-life balance and make better choices for their health. Heather’s approach to these complicated issues is direct and practical. Her coaching clients seek her out because they are ready to drop their BS excuses and get real results.

Heather Sayers Lehman’s future dream?

Heather’s future dream is serving more people while still being present for the ones she loves. She plans on continually expanding her virtual reach. Working virtually allows Heather to be there for her two sons, Lucas and Maxwell, for everyday duties as well as traveling together. Heather’s six week Emotional Eating Freedom Masterclass has been picked up by many companies and municipalities to add more depth to their corporate wellness initiatives with the convenience of being virtual. She loves coaching on how to overcome emotional eating from her PJs at home or from a beach hideout in San Diego. Heather also plans to continue more public speaking opportunities and leading workshops to help many people at one time.

What makes Heather Sayers Lehman fabulous?

Heather believes that fabulous requires ruthless authenticity. Heather connects with people’s real, messy and vulnerable stories. Her fabulous friends and clients are survivors, scrappers and fighters. Their willingness to seek out solutions, let go of the BS and do the work makes them endlessly fabulous. Heather’s body of work exists only because she has made mistakes in her own life. She pulled herself up, found solutions and kept moving forward. Heather knows that being fabulous is not the beauty of a pose but rather strength in motion.

Heather Sayers Lehman’s Favorite Quote?

“This too shall pass.”

To learn more about Heather Sayers Lehman, visit GYSTCoaching.com (one-on-one coaching) and OvercomingU.com (group emotional eating and corporate wellness).




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