Fabulous People: Jada Shiya


Who is Jada Jada Shiya?

Jada Shiya is an Arizona native who is currently the Pastry Chef at Windsor and Churn in North Central Phoenix.

What is Jada Shiya’s story?

Jada’s culinary journey started as a child when she would drag her mattress into the kitchen at night because that’s where she wanted to sleep. She has always had a passion for food and was inspired by her mother and sito (grandmother). Jada went to college after high school because she says that’s what she thought she should do. Jada says her brain was built for labs not lectures. She called her mom one night and told her about the trouble she was having in her biochemistry class. Her mother told her the next time she felt confused in class that she should look around and wonder who in that lecture hall could make an apple pie like her. The next day in class, she thought about what her mother said, packed up her backpack, walked out, and didn’t go back. She started culinary school at ACI immediately after that. After graduating culinary school in 2003, Jada worked in Las Vegas and Phoenix under some very talented people. She met her husband in a restaurant along that journey and she decided to stay home when they started a family. He went to work for Upward Projects and recruited her to help out in Churn a few hours a week. Jada really enjoyed working for the awesome people at Upward Projects and decided to stay a while – that was 3 ½ years ago. Jada says it still amazes her that she gets to make ice cream and treats for a living! She truly loves what she does and feel fortunate to have found a career that makes her this happy.

Jada Shiya’s future dream?

Jada hopes to travel, go on adventures and experiences with her “super amazing husband” and kids.

What makes Jada Shiya fabulous?

When we asked Jada what she thinks makes someone fabulous she said a positive attitude and a smile on their face at all times. When we met Jada, she was just that. Her positive energy and smile were contagious. It was very clear she loves what she does – you can see it on her face and in her creations. Jada thinks everyone should follow their heart and turn their dreams into goals. She says, “Create the life you want to live and do what makes you happy.”

Jada Shiya’s Favorite Quote?

At the moment… “Opportunity looks a lot like hard work.”

For more information about Churn, visit churnaz.com.


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  2. Not only is Jada a FABULOUS Mother, Dessert Queen and magnificent inspiration, she is also an amazing sister!! I’m so proud of her & her accomplishments!! ?

  3. Linda Anderson

    Great article about a super woman.

  4. Becca Robson

    She is fabulous in everyway and makes it look easier!! i always try to soak in as much Information as I can when I’m around her ?

  5. CONGRATULATIONS ! She glows from the love in her heart !

  6. Natalie Kell

    Jada is THE most fabulous person. She makes things happen day in and day out despite any obstacle in her path. Her energy illuminates those around her, and she inspires me to follow my dreams.

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