Fabulous People: James Judge

James Judge (known as @thehousejudge on Instagram) is a Phoenix realtor and designer. Nearly all of his projects incorporate some kind of DIY element or shopping at a thrift store and re-purposing furniture. In the last 5 years, James and his team have flipped over 50 homes with sales prices ranging from $100K-$1.4M. Learn more about James Judge….

Hometown: Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin  

First job: SKITTLES The Clown: I went to clown school when I was 10 and my first jobs were working special events, picnics, and parties doing balloon animals! (I make an awesome turtle balloon.) 

Favorite AZ restaurant: Pita Jungle because I’m obsessed with their green tea and their menu caters to all my dietary needs and/or diet of the day.  

Person who has impacted your life the most: My mother. I was very fortunate to grow up in a home with a lot of support and encouragement. This created the foundation for who I am today and helped me to embrace my creativity. My mother has always believed in me and made me know that anything is possible.  

Your biggest accomplishment in your eyes: Transforming 100+ houses into homes. Each home has it’s own identity and our projects bring life back into them to make them the best they can be. I do almost all of my work within two neighborhoods and it makes me feel proud to see how they have evolved and improved because of the transformations we have completed.  

The biggest obstacle you have overcome: The one unsuccessful flip. Flipping is like gambling and you can’t always win. When you are losing, it’s a tough obstacle to overcome and so important to understand what went wrong and how to get out of it. Looking back, the learning experience was more valuable than the money, but at the time, it’s always hard to see that.  

Someone who inspires you: Freddie – My Craftsman, because without him I couldn’t do what I do. We make the perfect team and he helps to create everything I design and understands how to make what I see in my mind a reality. He inspires me everyday.  

Favorite quote: “Dance as though no one is watching… Sing as though no one is listening… And love as though you’ve never been hurt.” I have loved this quote for years because I think it helps people to live in the moment – Something that I often struggle with because I’m always busy in my mind.  

Advice to someone pursuing a career path in what you do: Just do it. You can’t read a book or take a class and really know what it’s like. You need to be hands on to learn. However, I think the best advice I can offer someone is that YOU can make your own career. It’s hard for people to understand what I do because I don’t do just one thing. Our culture tries to say that an occupation should be ‘one thing’ but I’ve created a career out of the things I love and that is what’s most rewarding.  

What you think makes someone fabulous: Being genuinely good. 

Learn more about James Judge and see his projects at mrjamesjudge.com.


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