Fabulous People: Jennifer Russo

Who is Jennifer Russo?

Jennifer Russo is the vibrant chef and owner of The MARKET restaurant+bar and Jennifer’s Catering and Events, located in Gaslight Square.

What is Jennifer Russo’s story?

jennifer russoFrom Jennifer’s first memories of food and sitting on the kitchen counter watching her grandmother, food and cooking has been everything she’s known. As soon as she could get a job, she rode her bike to Lewis Steven’s Catering and got a job prepping. From there, she was the youngest person hired in the kitchens at the Scottsdale Princess. After high school, she went to Scottsdale Community College and joined their culinary program. Still loving the business, her next stop was the Hyatt Regency working under Anton Brunbauer and the then Golden Swan fine dining restaurant. She learned a ton and the people were amazing – they are still some of her closest friends. After a couple of years there, she really felt she needed more of an education and a different food scene. She moved to San Francisco and attended California Culinary School. She came back to intern under Vincent Guerithault and he kindly offered her a position in his kitchen when she completed school. That’s what brought her back to AZ. She put in a year there and then went over to Tarbell’s to become Mark’s sous chef. Incredible experience but, but she injured her knee and that was the end of line cooking… or so she thought. After multiple surgeries, she was dying to get back in. With a dear friend of hers, Jennifer opened Jennifer’s Catering in 1997. To their delighted surprise, the business took off. After many years of their clients asking “When are you going to open a restaurant so we can have your food?” Jennifer started the process of opening a restaurant in 2013. The MARKET restaurant+bar then in opened January 2014, and has been a foodie and neighborhood favorite.

Jennifer Russo’s future dream?

Jennifer has a great idea for a cooking show and cooking book that she hopes to bring to life someday.

What makes Jennifer Russo fabulous?

If you’ve ever met Jennifer in person, there is a FEELING you get being around her. She is vibrant, friendly and just a beaming light. You can see her passion for the work she does and it is impossible to leave her without a smile. She has pursued her dream and made it a reality, something we find to be very fabulous.

Jennifer Russo’s Favorite Quote?

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think, we become.”- Guatama Buddha.

Make sure to check out The MARKET restaurant+bar at the Devoured Culinary Classic March 5th and 6th at the Phoenix Art Museum. Jennifer is so excited to be participating and cannot wait to show local food enthusiasts what they have to offer!

For more information about Jennifer Russo and The MARKET restaurant+bar, visit themarketphx.com.

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