Fabulous People: Kirin Christianson


Who is Kirin Christianson?

Kirin Christianson is a model for FORD Robert Black, marketing director and co-owner of Integrative Health, beauty blogger for Red Haute Mama and homeschool teacher for her 12-year-old son … all in addition to being a wife and mother. A modern-day superwoman!

What is Kirin Christianson’s story?

Growing up, Kirin didn’t have a lot and everything was pretty ordinary… “including me,” she says. On the outside she was an insecure, gangly, red-headed girl. But on the inside she was a street smart brainiac determined to make her way. How did she do it? She took a long hard look in the mirror and turned her red hair into ravishing, whipped those freckles into creamy skin, and traded her sensible keds for kitten heels. She became a model for television and runway, a beauty queen, business mogul and a mom…. a “red haute” mom! That’s her story from red crayon to red lipstick and now she helps other women write theirs.

What is Kirin Christianson’s future dream?

Kirin would like to partner with big brands so she can serve more women as a brand ambassador and spokesmodel for products that enrich the lives of women and contribute to the community.

What makes Kirin Christianson fabulous?

When we asked Kirin what she thinks makes someone fabulous, she told us, “Kindness and a steadfast belief that you can do something every day to improve the world…. starting with yourself.” When first met Kirin years ago, she immediately left an impression. Her beauty and success does not make her intimidating or unapproachable – she is warm, kind, welcoming and quick to help others. We think more people in this world should be as kind and giving as Kirin!

What is Kirin Christianson’s favorite quote?

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

An additional note from Kirin Christianson…

“So much of life, we women put the needs of EVERYONE else first. Our bosses, our families, our communities, our friends. I’m at an age now where I realize that after doing this non-stop, my friends’ health is suffering. Their relationships are suffering. Their careers are affected by the economy more than their performance so no matter how brilliant and hard-working they are, they could still become unemployed. The community is still in need. So what about YOU? Why are you still ignoring yourself? Why are you still focusing on all of the things that aren’t as important as YOU. You are the center of your family. YOU give strength to your community. YOU are a valuable person for your work team. So why are you forgetting about taking care of yourself? All the people in your life NEED you to give to yourself, so you can give to everyone else. Yes you can continue to give to everyone else. But it all starts with you taking care of yourself first. I’m not the most brilliant or beautiful woman. I tend to put the needs of everyone else first too. But I am here to help remind you of your worth. You are beautiful. You deserve to live a beautiful life. You are worth it.”





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  2. This woman has been amazing since school days, she confided in me once that she wanted to be a model. I looked her square in the face and said you will be a model, I have no doubts. We lost touch, and reconnected about five years ago. She is still beautiful, still amazing, and did just what she set out to do. With a heart of gold and passion for her dreams, she invokes in me a passion to do better, be better and think better. She is FABULOUS!

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