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Fabulous People: Krista Kutac

Krista Kutac is the founder and owner of UGlow Face & Body, a medspa in Old Town Scottsdale. UGlow Aesthetics is the exclusive provider in Arizona of the JetPeel Infusion Facial system as well as the VKMD chemical peels and Dermodality skincare solutions. Learn about Krista Kutac…

First job: My first job was in the summer before eighth grade as a tart-selling wench at the Utah Shakespearean Festival.

Favorite ways to spend your free time in AZ: I have two children who are/were very involved in youth sports. My son (20) played flag football every season (winter and spring) for 10 years, and football and wrestling throughout high school, and my daughter (12) is currently very involved in club lacrosse—which means I’ve spent more weekends than not on sports fields and at tournaments all over southern Arizona for more than a decade. When I’m not cheering on my daughter, I love finding new (to me) local restaurants. I absolutely love to eat and supporting local business as often as possible. 

Your biggest accomplishment and why: Other than graduating from ASU (which I worked and financially put myself through) when my son was a year old, opening a medspa–in a very competitive market–during a pandemic. That took a leap of faith that I didn’t know I possessed until it was too late to turn back.

The biggest obstacle you overcame: Being a single mother for many years as well as pursuing my career. Many times I felt like I was a professional plate-spinner, trying to balance home, work and children. Professionally, I was in a female-dominated field, however, all but one CEO was a woman. I worked for several large, national companies that were ran by male CEOs, investors and private equity groups. There was a massive disconnect between what happened every day in the medspas versus numbers on a spreadsheet. I made the decision to leave world of corporate aesthetics and open my own business, and I haven’t regretted it for a minute. 

Someone who inspires you and why: My children. It’s incredibly important to me that my children see that hard work really does pay off. There’s no free lunch. I want my children to see that women can, and do, financially support themselves, build successful businesses, support their children and are a mighty force in the world. 

Advice to someone pursuing a career path in what you do: Do the work. There are no shortcuts. When I began in this career, I was working six days a week, pounding the pavement to create referral partners and networking like crazy. Also, you cannot be successful alone: being part of a team is the only way to success. Be part of, and build, a team of strong, passionate and driven people. All ships rise with the tide. 

Favorite quote: “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” –Anais Nin

Something someone would be surprised to learn about you: It’s nearly impossible for me to follow a recipe. When a recipe calls for one cup of something, I have an innate need to add a little extra, just for good measure (no pun intended). I also can never make the same dish twice because I don’t follow a recipe and I think that my “improvisations” will make it better. So, if I make something that my family likes, they’d better really savor it because they’ll never eat it again. Also, my children are champions; they’ve been on the receiving end of some pretty gross dinners. 

What makes someone fabulous: What makes a person fabulous is them. We all have our own uniqueness and, rather than be embarrassed by our idiosyncrasies, embrace them and be proud. Growing up my family moved around quite a bit (I attended five elementary schools and two middle schools in multiple states and cities) and I did my best to fit in—which meant not being the person I truly was. As I’ve aged, and as my children have grown, I’ve realized that what makes a person amazing is when then can be who they are at their core. If you’ve got a freak flag, fly it high! Don’t try to fit in, be the fabulous person that you were born to be. At UGlow Aesthetics, our goal is to tap into the fabulousness of every client and give them the confidence to be their best selves—that is what makes a person fabulous and beautiful. 


  1. Christie Salmon

    What a wonderful and busy life you’ve had! I enjoyed reading about how much your children have motivated you to be your best self, and the advice that in life there is no free ride. So very true. Hard work has brought you amazing results Krista! You go girl!

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