Fabulous People: Megan Greenwood

Megan Greenwood is the Founder of Greenwood Brewing. Megan believes craft beer promotes social experiences and social experiences promote conversation. The right conversation can promote change – and that’s the ultimate goal. Learn more about Megan…

Hometown: Peosta, Iowa

First job: I started two jobs when I became legal age: my first job was a dishwasher at my local country club. I walked or biked to work and was SO excited that they gave me a uniform AND I made $5.75 per hour, $0.60 more than minimum wage. My second job was a cashier at my family’s grocery store called, Greenwood’s Grocery. My mom was my boss and if we weren’t checking someone out at the front, then we better have been pulling groceries or tidying up the place. You grabbed a broom when she walked in the door.

Favorite AZ restaurant: How can I choose just one?! If I have to choose, it would be Hillside Spot in Ahwatukee. Not only is it delicious food for any meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner), but I feel nostalgic when I go: when I moved to Arizona, I moved alone from Boston in the fall and I knew very few people in the city. When I lived in Boston, I had a hard time making friends and meeting people and feared it would be similar in Arizona. But one of my first nights here, I went to Hillside Spot for dinner (alone) and sat at the bar. I asked the bartender for his best beer, and he was so excited to show me this new beer that he just got in! He pulls the draught beer and hands it to me, and it was my absolute favorite fall beer from New England, our treat-every-9-months, and one of those beers where everyone waits for it to hit the shelves – Shipyard Pumpkinhead. I knew from that moment that Arizona was the right place for me.

Person who has impacted your life the most: My mother, she is equally my motivator and my devil’s advocate. She owned her first business at age 22 while growing her family. She is my role model and a complete badass.

Your biggest accomplishment in your eyes: Starting Greenwood Brewing, because there are 1,000 excuses not to start your dream business. It’s easy (and comfortable) to keep doing what you’re doing. Building this business has been putting my whole being out for people to see, criticize, enjoy, dislike, all of the things. It’s been getting comfortable being uncomfortable, and jumping into the unknown.

The biggest obstacle you have overcome: This is a tough one, because if I’m in an obstacle I don’t normally take note that I’m in an obstacle. But I would say leaving my very comfortable Corporate job, with excellent pay, travel, upward progression, and incredible benefits, in order to take a job where I could stay more local and start Greenwood Brewing.

Someone who inspires you: I listen to a lot of books and autobiographies, podcasts, and receive 3 different magazines, and there are so many women at a distance where I’m like, damn. She is killing it. But I have to say that the women who inspire me are the fabulous women closest to me that are kicking ass every day. Some work in corporate, some are in education, healthcare, some own their own business and some are stay at home Moms. They are my inspiration, motivating me to be the best person that I can be and live life soaking up every bit of wonderfulness it has to offer.

Favorite quote: “Challenge your perspective.” – author unknown.

Advice to someone pursuing a career path in what you do: Do it. Start now.

What makes someone fabulous: Doing what he or she loves/believes/is, regardless of what anyone thinks of it.
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  2. Deb Krueger

    Hey congratulations Megan. I so agree with you your mother is a badass (in a good way). Smiling for you and your success. Deb Krueger

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