Fabulous People: Michael Stein


Who is Michael Stein?

Michael Stein recently moved to Scottsdale, Arizona from New York to open The Toasted Cork, a new wine bar and restaurant located in Old Town Scottsdale. At just 29-years-old, Michael has had a lot of success in the restaurant industry, and has now brought his talents to Arizona, opening what we think is a unique and needed concept in the Old Town area.

What is Michael Stein’s Story?

All of Michael Stein’s working life, he always found himself in the hospitality industry. When he was in college at UNLV, he received the opportunity to oversee marketing and promotions for a nightclub at The Planet Hollywood hotel. On his way to law school, he didn’t realize that this opportunity would’ve snowballed his career to where it is today. During some staff transitions he took over operations of the nightclub and restaurant, which was meant to be temporary, but turned into a permanent position. The bar was then sold back to the hotel for part of a redevelopment project. Following the sale, he took some equity stock in the company and eventually oversaw operations for some bars, restaurants, and nightclubs in NYC. He had a short stint in Palm Beach, Florida, running a nightclub, event space and a taco shop/sangria bar. Most recently, Michael has been busy with some consulting projects and concept developments. In 2015, Michael moved to Scottsdale where liquor licenses were much more easily acquired and running a small business was more beneficial.

What’s next for Michael Stein?

Personally, Michael would like to get married, have a family and travel. Professionally, grow The Toasted Cork into a success Scottsdale wine bar and get involved in the hotel industry.

What makes Michael Stein fabulous?

When we asked Michael Stein what qualities he believes makes someone fabulous, he said the desire to always learn and grow, and then help inspire others do the same. We think Michael’s journey is inspiring and his ability to turn what could have been just a temporary college job into a long-term career is admirable. And anyone who opens a restaurant that specializes in wine and grilled cheese, we think is pretty fabulous.

Michael Stein’s favorite quote?

“If you are the smartest person in the room, then you are in the wrong room.”

For more information about Michael Stein’s restaurant, The Toasted Cork, visit thetoastedcork.com.

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