Fabulous People: Mika Perry


Who is Mika Perry?

Mika Perry, Owner of NEAT Method Scottsdale, a luxury residential organizing company, is what we call a modern day superwoman. Running her business as well as her household that contains three children, she does it all with effortless grace.

What is Mika Perry’s story?

Mika launched the NEAT Method AZ market in 2014. NEAT Method recognizes that whether you’re a busy mom or overbooked professional, life gets hectic and maintaining an organized home can be a challenge. NEAT brings comfort, efficiency, and style to their clients’ homes through customized and refined solutions. How did Mika get here? Mika was born in Japan, but raised in Tucson. She has had different successful careers in finance and education, but her passion has always been creating spaces that were organized and systems that made life easier, whether for herself (she clearly remembers color coding and organizing her closet at age 9) or for others (organizing lesson plans and materials for churches or planning events and parties.) Launching NEAT Method and growing it to the level it is now in just under two years has been one of her greatest accomplishments. Mika has given stressed out clients (moms, athlete families, traveling executives) a peace of mind that their home was taken care of and was a calm, well-arranged, and beautiful place to enjoy. And she has loved growing her team and giving them opportunities to learn and make a career for themselves. All while doing what they love to do: color code, perfectly fold, and label, label, label!

Mika Perry’s future dream?

Growing up, Mika moved around a lot internationally and this gave her the knowledge of a larger world from early on. Mika and her husband are working hard to create a life that would allow their kids the same experience of travel and seeing the world – to taste different cuisines, to meet people that live differently that they do, and to know that there’s so much more than their little bubble of life here in AZ. She would also love have a big home on the beach someday and create a family tradition to “meet on the beach!” every year where they can come to center and create fun, simple summer memories together. For NEAT, they are working on more national projects and continuing to spread #theNEATlife in Scottsdale and beyond!

What makes Mika Perry fabulous?

When we asked Mika what she thinks makes someone fabulous, she said, “A humble and genuine heart – those that have it shine amongst a crowd. I am also always energized by those with a great sense of humor! Life can get way too serious so it’s refreshing to be able to laugh it out with others.” Mika is one of those people who makes others feel good by just being around her. She exudes confidence while still being humble and approachable. Her motivation, kind heart and giving personality make her a true joy to be around and someone girls and women can look to as a role model and friend. Mika is also bilingual in Japanese, has three girls (Maddix, Reese, and Paige,) has taught 1st and 6th grade, loves fitness and cooking and has won a fitness competition! That is a pretty fabulous list of accomplishments in addition to her fabulous personality.

Mika Perry’s Favorite Quote?

“When you home flows, everything else flows.” Mika explains why she loves this quote so much: “As an entrepreneur, it’s so easy to get wrapped up 24/7 in your work. But when I took time to realign my life to take care of everything at home first, everything in my business improved. Protecting my time with my family, taking time to care for myself, and giving my marriage and relationships priority even (and especially) in the most busiest of times changed the game for me in my business and gave me the energy and clear mind to grow and contribute in a more meaningful way to everything I do. It seems simple enough, but so often neglected, and applies to everyone whether you are single or have a large family. I also pass this quote along to my clients, that taking care of their home is a worthwhile investment that frees up more mental space to pursue their other passions and endeavors.

To learn more about Mika Perry, visit neatmethod.com.




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