Fabulous People: Mimi Sadeghi

Mimi Sadeghi is a Real Estate Agent at Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty who specializes in Scottsdale residential properties. Mimi has a passion for helping her clients and strongly believes in being honest and genuine. Learn more about Mimi…

Hometown: Scottsdale, Arizona

First job: My first real job was an associate at Target Food Department. That is where I first learned how to make quesadilla; I also learned how to clean the grill and oven after multiple burn marks on my arm! To make ends meet, around the same time I started working at Macy’s China Department and met amazing people. I was in love with the Lenox Butterfly Meadow collection and dreamed of owning it one day. Guess what? I have most of their pieces today. 🙂

Favorite AZ restaurant: As a “foodie” it is hard to pick one favorite restaurant, for different occasions I have a favorite, for special occasions Mastro’s City Hall or ShinBay, for family meals WildFlower Bread Company, for food adventures anything from Utopian, Korean, Sushi, Vietnamese, … you name it!

Person who has impacted your life the most: My husband. He is the president of a large transportation company that he started from scratch in 1992. Over the past 12 years living with him I learned that it takes a special mindset for someone to be successful; focus and determination is the key. And that mindset is not given to us at birth, it is a skill we learn.

Your biggest accomplishment in your eyes: Never giving up on my vision while staying true to my values. Envisioning what I want in the future has had significant impact on my life, helping me make the right decisions and overcoming challenges along the way.

The biggest obstacle you have overcome: Myself. I can make or break myself. Improving every day and competing with myself has been the biggest obstacle that I still have to face from time to time. I know that if I fail it is because I was afraid, didn’t think it through or I took an uncalculated risk. From then I keep working on improving myself in that area.

Someone who inspires you: I cannot pick one because different people inspire me in different areas. I am grateful to be surrounded by amazing people that have inspired me at so many levels. Great friends, family members, clients and co-workers. From the famous person standpoint I can say Malcolm Gladwell, my favorite author, with his books.

Favorite quote: “Success is a byproduct of helping others.” – John Foltz

Advice to someone pursuing a career path in what you do: Be genuine.

What makes someone fabulous: Love for others and Pride in self. (and being careful, because there is a fine line between pride and arrogance.)

For more information about Mimi, visit mimisadeghi.com.

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