Fabulous People: Nathan Day

Who is Nathan Day?

Nathan-DayNathan Day is not your average dad. From Gilbert, Arizona, Nathan is the owner and inventor of LugBug™ – a solution to a problem for parents everywhere.

What is Nathan Day’s story?

Nathan’s invention came from a simple personal need he had as a dad. The idea of LugBug™ was born out of necessity after he dislocated his shoulder while lugging around his infant daughter in her car seat (he’s a dad to three daughters). After much research, he was shocked to discover there was nothing on the market to make baby carriers easier to hold. His idea quickly turned into a sketch (which was drawn and redrawn and drawn again), prototypes were printed countless times before a fine, sleek design and aesthetics were achieved. From there, he moved on to manufacturing and the really fun part of bringing an idea to fruition to be sold with zero retail sales experience on his end. With a lot of brilliant minds and experts in this area, Nathan launched LugBug™ in October 2015 and he says the acceptance of the product is overwhelming. National retailers and mommy bloggers have been exceptionally enthusiastic.

Nathan Day’s future dream?

“Solving the world’s ergonomic problems one infant carseat at a time.”

What makes Nathan Day fabulous?

We think it is pretty fabulous that Nathan created a product out of a problem he encountered. And we also think his humor is pretty fabulous. When we asked Nathan what he thinks makes someone fabulous, he told us, “Respect others, and their views. People who replace the waters in the office fridge when they took the last one are fabulous.”

Nathan Day’s Favorite Quote?

“You don’t need planning permission to build castles in the sky.” – Banksy

For more information about Nathan Day’s invention, visit lugbug.com.



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