Fabulous People: Phil Beasley

Phil Beasley is the owner of the new Blo Blow Dry Bar Scottsdale who knows that hard work is necessary to success and making time for important things in life like family is the key to a balanced life. Learn more about Phil…

Hometown: Tallahassee, FL but Scottsdale has been and will continue to be my home.

First job: The Sing Store, a gas station and food store. I learned some valuable lessons about work and responsibility. I observed first hand the value of entrepreneurship and working for people who have invested their hard work and money to make a successful business.

Favorite AZ restaurant: Hard to choose. The greatest thing about living in Fabulous Arizona is all the new and different restaurants we get to experience every day.

Person who has impacted your life the most: My 4 children. After each was born I knew I had to be a better person and challenge myself to be the best example for them in all things I do.

The biggest obstacle you have overcome: Self-doubt. I did not grow up with an expectation to accomplish much in life. When I realized I had skills that could potentially make me successful, I had to learn to continuously build upon them and move forward regardless of nagging doubts.

Someone who inspires you: My Father. He is always a supporting presence in my life who I learned the value of being in the present for the important people in your life.

Favorite quote: a loss is not a failure until you make an excuse

Advice to someone pursuing a career path in what you do: If you are considering a franchise business, talk to other owners and ask questions, work in one of the existing locations and see if it is a fit for you. Do your due diligence to understand every aspect of the financial and time commitment it will take to build a profitable business. Then take all of your estimates and double what you think it will take. I don’t believe you can be an absentee owner/investor and have a successful franchise. It is a hands-on business.

What makes someone fabulous: recognizing that nothing beautiful, good or worth doing can be accomplished alone.

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