Fabulous People: Remus Repta


Who is Remus Repta?

Remus Repta, MD is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, author of Atlas of Abdominoplasty, Medical director of Scottsdale Skin Institute and Scottsdale Surgery Center, and…. novice furniture maker. lol. Remus was born in Bucharest, Romania, but now proudly calls Scottsdale, AZ home.

What is Remus Repta’s story?

Remus was born in Bucharest, Romania and moved to the United States when he was eight with his sister and parents. His parents did not have the opportunity to go to high school, so his rudimentary vision of doing something with his life centered on becoming a doctor or a lawyer. Remus chose medicine because he thought it would fulfill two of his main passions – creativity and helping others. As luck, or divine intervention, would have it, early on in medical school, Remus was introduced to the field of Plastic Surgery and he says he has never looked back since. Remus completed medical school at Oregon Health Sciences University and Plastic Surgery Residency at Michigan State University, then went on to finish two additional cosmetic fellowships in Charlotte and Los Angeles.

Remus recently won two of Phoenix Magazine’s Top Doctor awards for both Plastic Surgery of the face and body in 2016. He is also the surgeon who handled the skin removal surgery, and several other procedures for Simone Anderson, who had been cyber-bullied online after losing hundreds of pounds. His involvement in her journey landed Remus on the Tyra Banks show last year.

Remus says, “I would not be who I am today were it not for God and the grace, patience, boldness, commitment, stubbornness, and most of all love of my girlfriend Jenna Jensen.”

Remus Repta’s future dream?

“I want to excel at being the best person I can be. My dream may have started with the idea of self accomplishment, but I am grateful that the dream has matured into the only accomplishment that truly matters–to be a good person and nurture the relationships that are most important in life. In my future dream, I envision travels and explorations of the world at large and within with those whom I love.”

What makes Remus Repta fabulous?

When we asked Remus what he thinks makes someone fabulous, he said, “I will have to admit I looked up the definition of Fabulous – ‘Exceptionally good, almost impossible to believe.’ I am exceptionally good at Plastic Surgery, but the progress that I have made in mind and heart over the last few decades is almost impossible to believe.” We absolutely love that response! And Remus is definitely fabulous for the way he has helped people and followed his passion.

Remus Repta’s favorite quote?

“A ship is safe in harbor, but thats not what ships are for.”
Remus says, “Our decisions often come down to weighing the risk of trying to do what we want to do and the fear of failing. Whether its business, personal goals, or relationships the safest thing to do is often the easiest but it rarely allows us to reach the goal we really want to achieve.”




  1. Wow, what a down to earth and very talented doctor. He sounds like a breath of fresh air as far as doctors go. May God continue to bless you, Dr. Repay.

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