Fabulous People: Robyn Moore

Robyn Moore is the Founder & President of Mack Media Relations, an independent public relations and social media firm here in Phoenix. We chose Robyn as a fabulous person because of her ability to take a difficult situation and use it as an opportunity to pursue the dream of having her own PR firm.

Hometown: I was born in South Carolina, but the Valley will always be my home!

First job: Aside from babysitting, I worked as a party coordinator at an inflatable party zone called Pump It Up. It was the best first job. I worked there for about six years.

Favorite AZ restaurant: Ohhh that’s tough! I have so many. I really like Arcadia Farms. I feel like I’m at a tea party every time I go there. Otherwise, you’ll find me at any local spot with a great patio and large wine selection.

Person who has impacted your life the most: Every week I mentor at-risk kids through an organization called Future for Kids… It’s those special children that impact my life. They allow me see life differently and it makes me truly value everything I have. Hanging out with those kids is the best part of my week.

Your biggest accomplishment in your eyes: It’d have to be stepping out on my own and launching my own business at my young age. It’s the scariest, most rewarding thing someone can do.

The biggest obstacle you have overcome: Having switched gears numerous times in my career, I’d have to say that having a company tell you “they are going a different direction and letting you go” is a huge obstacle to overcome. This happened to be earlier this year and instead of getting discouraged, I chose to take the higher road and not let the situation get me down. It’s important to remember life will always bring highs and lows.

Someone who inspires you: My mom! She inspires me to be better every day and she is right about everything. I live by her philosophy that life is meant to be simple.

Favorite quote: I have a new favorite quote every week… “The greatest wealth is to live content with little.” – Plato

Advice to someone pursuing a career path in what you do: It’s all about who you know in this industry. Get as much experience as you can early on and have career goals. When you achieve them, make new ones. Be authentic.

What makes someone fabulous: Someone that likes to give more than they receive.

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