Fabulous People: Ryan Buch

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Who is Ryan Buch?

Ryan Buch is a 26-year-old former professional baseball player from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who is now the owner of one of the newest Scottsdale gyms, FieldFit. Buch has taken the trials and tribulations of his professional baseball career to change other people’s lives through offering a gym environment that focuses on functional fitness and keeping people healthy.

What is Ryan Buch’s story?

After a 6 year baseball career between the Chicago White Sox and Colorado Rockies, Buch was up and down with his health and emotions. He noticed that when his emotions were down, it was directly tied to his health. If he wasn’t healthy and was dealing with an injury, it was preventing him from being on the field. Not being able to do what you love is probably the most frustrating thing you can go through in life. Buch believes his competitive nature and work ethic helped him to fulfill his dreams but that competitive attitude (stubbornness) was also his downfall. Each time i visited the disabled list in his career, especially early on, was because he didn’t say he was hurting and was pushing through pain. Ultimately his shoulder couldn’t take it anymore and he lost everything. Now he sits and thinks “if only” all the time. There isn’t a thing he wouldn’t do to be able to go back to the first time his arm hurt and stop himself from pitching through it. This tough lesson learned is what fueled Ryan to open FieldFit gym. He wanted to open a facility that took all the workouts and exercises that keep professional athletes healthy and on the field and use them into a gym setting for the general public. He knows how it feels to be sidelined and he wouldn’t wish that feeling on anybody – professional athlete or not. Being safe, preventing injury, focusing on form all play a crucial part of the FieldFit workout system. It is an interval training circuit customized to YOUR body. No class times, come at your convenience.

What makes Ryan Buch fabulous?

We think Ryan Buch is fabulous because of his genuine character. He truly cares about the people who come into his gym and takes a vested interest in their health. Your goal is his goal – he just wants to make his clients better.

“There isn’t a better feeling than watching someone change as a person, inside, and out. Seeing somebody get to where they wanted to be by putting in the blood sweat and tears means I have reached my goal,” Buch says.

When we asked Buch what he thought makes someone fabulous, he said, “Someone who isn’t afraid to risk everything to get what they want. Someone who takes action, rather than someone filled with ideas and excuses. It’s my mom battling everyday of her life walking a step because of permanent nerve damage, my sister who makes living with type 1 diabetes look easy or my brother fighting and kicking bone cancer’s butt. These are just some examples that show no matter who you are and what you are dealing with, fight to win, never be comfortable. Those who prevail, and those who go down fighting to the death are my definition of ‘Fabulous.'”

Ryan Buch’s favorite quote?

“The best ability is availability.”

Ryan Buch, wife Camille and son Dalton

For more information about Ryan Buch and FieldFit fieldfitgym.com.


  1. You could not have found a finer example of a fabulous person. I am so glad you featured Ryan Buch for all the right kind of qualities that makes a true champion. Field Fit is just an extension of his championship nature and his genuine care for others.

  2. Great choice for recognition! Ryan is passionate, energetic, personable, and dedicated to wellness and health! He has created a unique environment that is welcoming to all. And… He makes getting fit fun!

  3. Michelle D'onofrio

    I could not be more proud than to have this young man be a part of my family. His example as a husband, father, son in law and brother in law are things I get to witness on a daily basis. My heart is full and very proud that his positive influence is such a great example to all that know him. His parents did an amazing job.

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