Fabulous People: Sande Charles


Who is Sande Charles?

Sande Charles is a bubbly and beautiful Arizona native who is now an on-air host, reporter and was crowned Ms. California United States in 2014. Sande has a passion for reporting sports and is one of the most charitable and giving people you will ever meet.

What is Sande Charles’ story?

Sande Charles always knew she wanted to be a sports reporter. She is the only girl of five boys, so sports was a huge part of her life growing up. From playing sports to attending sporting events, her dad had tickets to every sport there was in Arizona. She remembers going to Phoenix Roadrunner games, Suns games, Diamondback games, ASU games,Coyotes games, Cardinal games… the list goes on and on. During high school, she would do the TV morning announcements, so she knew at a young age what her passion was in life. As soon as she graduated from ASU, she moved right to LA. In 2009, she landed her first job in sports, and that’s what set her up for a career in sports TV reporting. She went on to work for the LA Dodgers, ESPN, NBC Sports and finally landed with the MLB Network and Fox Sports. She has worked 3 World Series, 3 All Star Games, 2 Spring Trainings, the World Baseball Classic, College Basketball, College Football, NBA playoffs, NHL Playoffs and so much more. She is also the Honda Center host and reporter and the entertainment reporter for an LA based TV channel, FOCUS TV. Last year Sande was crowned Ms. California United States and was able to make yet another one of her dreams come true.

What’s next for Sande Charles?

Sande is now traveling back and forth between California and Arizona and hopes for continued success in sports reporting.

What makes Sande Charles fabulous?

When we asked Sande what she thought makes someone fabulous, she said it is someone who isn’t afraid to be different. Who doesn’t do things just because it’s “cool” or “in.” Someone who doesn’t take the easy way out, doesn’t give up and keeps their integrity and character, regardless of how hard things might get. We think Sande definitely embodies all of these traits. She has worked hard to make her dreams come true and always stands by her strong beliefs, despite what is currently trending amongst her peers. Her charitable nature is a fabulous characteristic as well. Sande says, “One of my favorite’s is the Special Olympics. It is incredible to see the athletes face their fears. They are so inspiring.”

Sande Charles’s favorite quote?

“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”
Romans 8:28


Sande’s bulldog Cali



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