Fabulous People: Sandra Saenz


Who is Sandra Saenz?

Sandra Saenz founded Dream Team Communications and is a CEO, Global Trainer, Published Author and Business Consultant. This driven and vivacious woman lights up any room she walks into, making her role as a motivational speaker a perfect fit.

What is Sandra Saenz’s story?

Sandra Saenz calls her journey “magical.” She was working as Director Of Business Development (her background is Marketing/Communications). While overlooking the Danube, having a glass of red wine in Budapest with a client, she was asked “You, always say you love Budapest each time you come! Why don’t you just move here and work for me?” So, Saenz said yes! She then worked for a French Advertising Agency, followed by Ogilvy & Mather Central European Headquarters. Saenz would conducted evening trainings for her creative teams and they were so needed and well received, someone then said “You should be a trainer.” So she became the first American to be licensed as a Dale Carnegie trainer in Vienna Austria. She later served on a Global Dale Carnegie team and travelled all over Europe speaking, training and consulting. Saenz discovered her style and content is progressive and a bit provocative in order to gain concrete results, so 10 years later she formed her own training business – Dream Team Communications. She has provided consulting services, customized trainings, and coaching in 32 countries.

What’s next for Sandra Saenz?

“I am living my dream every single day!” Saenz says. She’d like to write more books, have a home on the water and continue to conduct speaking engagements for larger groups.

What makes Sandra Saenz fabulous?

Everyone who knows Sandra Saenz would say she’s a ray of sunshine that oozes positivity. When we asked Saenz what she thinks makes someone fabulous, she said fun, authentic, contributor for good of all and confident. We certainly think Saenz possesses all these qualities.

Sandra Saenz’s favorite quote?

“The best view is from the edge.”

For more information about Sandra Saenz, visit dreamteamcommunications.com.


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