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Sarah Merkle is an author, health coach, yoga teacher, and motivational speaker on a mission to transform lives. She is the owner and founder of Zen4, a company that helps organizations achieve their full growth potential by providing Connected Employee Solutions. Learn more about Sarah Merkle…

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona

First job: I was a summer lifeguard at a city pool. I loved being outside near the glistening water and took pride in keeping my patrons safe while they enjoyed their fun in the sun!

Favorite AZ restaurant: PINO – located in Scottsdale, they have high-quality ingredients, and delicious, homemade, artisan Italian creations. The staff is friendly and they treat us like family the moment we walk in the door!

Person who has impacted your life the most: My parents. They have shown me so much love and support over the years, always encouraging me to try new things, be kind to others, and most importantly to love myself.

Your biggest accomplishment in your eyes: Launching Zen4. The final 4 years of my corporate career were spent entertaining the idea of starting my own business. I was passionate about my career path but continued to feel a tug to create something of my own. After identifying the opportunity to blend both passion and expertise, I felt confident enough to finally take the leap of faith and start my Zen4 journey.

The biggest obstacle you have overcome: Finding balance as it relates to diet and exercise. Being a part of the health, wellness, and fitness industry can add pressure to take diet and exercise to an extreme. However, I learned that nobody is perfect, and nobody expects you to be. The more people can relate to you, the easier it is to inspire and help them transform.

Someone who inspires you: I am always inspired by visual artists. There is such beauty created and captured in photographs, paintings, and even architecture. They teach me to take a step back and enjoy the details in every moment.

Favorite quote: “Your mess will become your success.” – Amy Marzluff. Sometimes during a time of transition, we can easily forget that the outcome is growth and transformation. Remember that things are happening for your greater good, and always keep an attitude of gratitude!

Advice to someone pursuing a career path in what you do: As an entrepreneur, there is a constant stream of passion, curiosity, and creation floating around, making it difficult to think of anything else other than business. The reality is, it’s important to give yourself permission to take breaks so you can rest and recharge, even if you need to schedule it into your day. Take care of yourself first, so you have the energy and inspiration to build something incredible!

What makes someone fabulous: Having the courage to be themselves and not worrying so much about what other people think!

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