Fabulous People: Stacey Grondahl


Who is Stacey Grondahl?

Stacey Grondahl is the owner, creator and “badassery enthusiast” behind We Do Men: A Male Concept Spa which was established in 2012.

What is Stacey Grondahl’s story?

Stacey was born in Willison, North Dakota but calls Bakersfield, California (B-Town), home since she spent most of her life growing up there. Her epic journey to becoming the owner of a male spa concept started with massage therapy which lead to aesthetics and eventually laser technician training. Shortly after training Stacey was hired by Rhonda Allison (specifically, RA For Men), and now she owns a completely unique spa to Arizona. Little did she know that she would be running her own spa that specifically targets men and all their hygiene needs, which also doubles as a place where she can freely be utmost herself (even the uncensored version).

While Stacey was working for RA For Men, she felt a strong connection to the products and the benefits that they would provide for consumers and even for herself. Being the total tomboy that she is, she is a minimalist (like most men) and is comfortable dressing and feeling more masculine overall. She started using men’s products and came to love them and wanted to share them with the world.

After discovering her entrepreneurial spirit and receiving compliment upon compliment from men about how she is a phenomenal esthetician who really knows her stuff, she has men to thank for leading her in this entirely new direction. Breaking into an untapped industry and creating an environment where men can feel at home, comfortable and fully informed on how to take care of their skin.

In the beginning and still till this day she receives pushback from people who don’t appreciate her quirky sense of humor, but Stacey realizes that her style is not for everyone and once people do get to know her, they quickly come to find that she is a genuine skincare guru who makes taking care of your skin fun.

Stacey Grondahl’s future dream?

Stacey’s future dream is “to be the Rachel Zoe of the Man Spa Biz. The Lena Dunham of Man Spa Comedy. The Boss Lady Guru of the Male Grooming Industry. To be the biggest and most sought after facility for men in the United States.” Although, Stacey is more than happy with building up her business in Arizona first and turning it into a staple in the “desert” spa industry.

What makes Stacey Grondahl fabulous?

Stacey’s big personality and even bigger heart is what we think make her so fabulous. She is always quick to help others and her drive and determination in business is inspiring to other women looking to start their own business.

Stacey Grondahl’s Favorite Quote?

“He who would move the world, must first move himself.” – Seneca




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