Fabulous People: Tal Ezra Barkel

Tal Ezra Barkel is the owner of Tal Barkel Designs in Scottsdale, who has worked his way up from a security guard in Isreal to living the American dream. Learn more about Tal…

Hometown: I am originally from Israel, but now live in Scottsdale by the way of New York City. However, my business takes me all over the world and I consider myself a citizen of the globe.

First job: My first job after serving in the Israeli army was as a security guard for a jewelry store in New York City. It was my first experience in the jewelry industry, and I worked my way up through every position, learning as much as I could about the business to get to where I am today.

Favorite AZ restaurant: While there are several excellent restaurants in Arizona, nothing compares to my wife’s home cooking!

Person who has impacted your life the most: My father and stepmother. Both were single parents with very young children, and they did an amazing job merging our families and creating a loving home for me and my step-siblings.

Your biggest accomplishment in your eyes: My kids. I have five children, two who are away at college right now. There’s nothing in the world like being a parent and seeing your kids grow into smart, compassionate adults. They are my legacy, my biggest accomplishments.

The biggest obstacle you have overcome: Opening my own business. But it’s been more fun than an obstacle.

Someone who inspires you: My wife Donna. She inspires me to follow my dreams, and she was the one who pushed me to start my own business. She is my partner, my cheerleader and my muse.

Favorite quote: “We’re not rich enough to buy cheap things.”

I love this quote because it makes one think of the value of quality. Something of high quality might come at a high price, but it will last longer and is more likely to be appreciated. No matter if we are talking about physical items like jewelry, or the way we value our relationships and business decisions – it’s better to invest the time and money than compromise quality. It’s impossible to achieve success by being cheap. I hold everything in my life to the highest standard possible.

Advice to someone pursuing a career path in what you do: If you go with you heart and believe you can do it, you will achieve it. And as I mentioned before, don’t compromise quality for cost if you want it to pay off in the long run.

What makes someone fabulous: I think being fabulous means being a good person and citizen in your community. Be passionate about what makes you “you,” but also be compassionate for others.

Learn more about Tal Barkel Designs at talbarkel.com.



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  1. Tal, you and your beautiful family are absolutely fabulous people. Yes, I agree Dana’s cooking is the best 🙂 Keep up the good work!!!

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