Fabulous People: The Moms Behind Gotta Try It

Allison Irwin, Gretchen Schubert and Laura Beardsley are three Phoenix-based moms who co-founded Gotta Try It, a digital community focusing on event, product and service recommendations. “Think of Gotta Try It as three new friends recommending you things we love. Everyone’s gotta try it, but is it worth it?” Learn more about Allison Irwin, Gretchen Schubert and Laura Beardsley…

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Laura: Scottsdale
Gretchen: Phoenix
Allison: Dallas and Santa Fe

First job:
Laura: Cocktail waitress.
Gretchen: Working retail at Baby Guess.
Allison: Sales associate at a jewelry store.

Favorite ways to spend your free time in AZ: 
Laura: Riding bikes with my family in McCormick Ranch and enjoying time outside when the weather is nice.
Gretchen: Anything outside when the weather is good. I enjoy walking, hiking, cocktails, planting, swimming and dancing.
Allison: Hiking with friends followed by cocktails on a great patio.

Your biggest accomplishment and why: 
Laura: Finding balance while starting a business and raising young children. Being a working mom in today’s world is not easy.
Gretchen: Balancing a full-time job, a 20-year marriage and three boys.
Allison: My three children. 

The biggest obstacle you overcame: 
Laura: I lost my mom at a young age. I still didn’t know who I was, so finding my way with little guidance was difficult. But I leaned on books, other wonderful mothers and my dad. It has made me who I am today.
Gretchen: Having children when faced with infertility issues.
Allison: Not being able to get pregnant easily.

Someone who inspires you and why: 
Laura: Any working mom who is hustling to be successful in their place of work, in their marriage and makes time to be present and available for their children.
Gretchen: My dad. He is a quadriplegic and has been in a wheelchair my entire life. He worked full-time so my mom could raise me and my two brothers. He is the most positive person I know.
Allison: Any single working mother because they are truly doing it all.

Advice to someone pursuing a career path in what you do: 
Laura: Understand what you need to thrive and provide that to yourself without an apology. A nightly bath alone, a yoga class, meditation, sleeping in one weekend day–whatever it is. You must be present for yourself so you can be present for others.
Gretchen: Don’t give up. Growth, collaborations and partnerships can move slowly, but they will come if you stick with them.
Allison: Get ready to work harder than you could ever imagine and don’t play the comparison game with other influencers.

Favorite quote:
Laura: “Work hard and be nice to people.” —Anthony Burrill
Gretchen: “It is what it is.” —J.W. Lawrence 
Allison: “That’s no hill for a stepper.” —Mark Twain

Something someone would be surprised to learn about you:
Laura: I have an odd fascination with birds of prey – think eagles, hawks, owls.
Gretchen: I consider myself somewhat of a tomboy. I have two brothers and three sons and grew up doing lots of masculine things that I still enjoy.
Allison: I’ve been writing a book for years.

What makes someone fabulous: 
Laura: The ability to make fun of yourself.
Gretchen: Their heart. Showing your heart on your sleeve and being honest with the ones you love is fab.
Allison: Not knowing they’re fabulous.

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