Fabulous People: Tim McBride

Tim McBride is a realtor and partner at The Wexler Group at Realty Executives and he also started Homes for Good. Homes for Good is about elevating residential real estate to new levels of service, social responsibility designed with purpose to create a positive impact at scale, every day. Learn more about Tim McBride…

Hometown: Born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

First job: Before college I sought out excellence as an athlete, which lead me to Bradenton Florida after high school where I was excepted into the David Leadbetter IMG Golf Academy. After months of professional training, my aspirations quickly shifted to the business side of professional sports, specifically the representation of professional athletes (Jerry McGuire). After obtaining my undergraduate degree from Arizona State University in 2005, I relocated to Los Angeles and took a position as an agent trainee for a top talent and literary agency in Beverly Hills. I spent three years working my way up the later before pivoting my path to further my education and specialize in sports marketing.

Favorite AZ restaurant: The VIG – McDowell Mountain Ranch. It offers convenience in terms of proximity to home, and is a great spot for the entire family and socializing with our neighborhood locals

Person who has impacted your life the most: I have always pushed myself to live via the formula that for one to obtain, they must first pursue. I grew up inspired significantly by 2 things: (1) the altruism and entrepreneurial spirit of my dad and (2) the greatness and community initiatives I saw from local professional athletes and sports teams. Through the process of observation, education and participation, these mentors symbolically served as a personal standard for self-identification.

Your biggest accomplishment in your eyes: Easy! My wife Liz and my two children Ella (4) and Bennett (1). Everything else takes a back seat.

The biggest obstacle you have overcome: Having to shut down and walk away from my start up – Pledger – after investing 5 years of my life into it. Pledger is the reason I relocated my family to Phoenix from Los Angeles back in 2015. Pledger was an accumulation of all of my professional experiences and personal passions, and to walk away for a new path in Real Estate was extremely difficult.

Someone who inspires you: I would like to use this section to honor my beautiful bride, Liz. She is my best friend, and the world’s greatest wife and mother to our children (no offense to the other wives and mothers out there). She is the heartbeat for our family. She motivates me to be a better version of myself each and every day.

After my family, I like to think that I find inspiration daily from everyone I encounter, depending on the context of the situation or the relationship. Like most though, I have valuable mentors who guide and challenge me in both my personal and professional life, but at the same time I’m always trying to keep an open mind to the people I interact with daily.

Favorite quote: I’m a bit of a quote junkie, but two that resonate with me regularly are “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” – Wayne Gretzky; and “The world is changed by your example not by your opinion” – Paulo Coelho

Advice to someone pursuing a career path in what you do: Always have a why for doing something and never stop networking and trying to bring value to others. You just never know where a simple hello can lead. As I personally look to explore different ways to leverage my diverse background and professional experiences to influence my path as a Realtor, I know that success will only be realized and sustainable if properly built on a foundation of purpose, transparency, and mission. This is also my WHY for building and launching Homes for Good.

What makes someone fabulous: There isn’t one thing that makes someone fabulous. It probably means something different to everyone. For me, I guess I would say that living with a sense of purpose makes someone fabulous.





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