Fabulous People: Tracey Martin

Tracey Martin is a Fashion Designer/Sustainability Life Strategist and Coach as well as a Speaker and Eco-Entrepreneur. What we found so fabulous about Tracey is her mission to change the world, even if that is just one person at a time. Unlike many of us, Tracey doesn’t say, “I am just one person, how will my actions alone make a difference?” Tracey knows that “one person” can add up to many people, resulting in massive change. Learn more about Tracey…

Hometown: St. Charles, Missouri

First job: Working for my Dad’s Painting & Wallpaper Contracting business. They were the largest in the midwest with over 250 employees. He started it when he was about 25. A lot of life lessons were learned there.

Favorite AZ restaurant: True Food – Because I believe food is our medicine and everything starts from there. I love their message of sustainability.

Person who has impacted your life the most: There are many. But it has to be Mom. My parents went thought many difficult things in life and she always handled it with grace. They are forever moving forward and so full of gratitude. They live by example and I believe I hit the mom lottery!!

Your biggest accomplishment in your eyes: With out a doubt, my 2 girls. They are both so amazing and continue to be my teachers. They are compassionate, kind, strong and truly free thinkers and leaders.

The biggest obstacle you have overcome: Ahh. I don’t believe in obstacles. Only opportunities.

Someone who inspires you: I have been blessed with many inspirational people in my life and they all show up at a different season in my life. So, I truly can’t pick one. However, when someone sees adversity as an opportunity to grow, that is inspiring to me!

Favorite quote: Team work Makes the Dream work!

Advice to someone pursuing a career path in what you do: Step outside the box of tradition. Just because something has been tradition doesn’t mean it should be perpetuated. Be willing to see with all your senses. Always remain coachable and humble. Be a student of life but be strong in your convictions. Be willing to see with all your senses and beyond.

What makes someone fabulous: Their heart. How they show up in their life. Owning their greatness and being authentic!

Tracey will be speaking at a free film screening for The True Cost, a groundbreaking documentary about the clothes we wear, the people who make them, and the impact the industry has on our world, on Tuesday, August 23 at 6:30pm at Harkins Valley Art Theater. Get more information about this event at

For more about Tracey Martin and her business Threads of Evolution, visit



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